Stormwatch Has Officially Become the Anti-Justice League Team


WarningL Spoilers for Batman: The Brave and the Bold #6 – “Stormwatch: Down with the Kings Part 6”


  • Amanda Waller reveals her control over Stormwatch and offers them a chance to get answers from her.
  • Stormwatch was chosen for their trustworthiness and their willingness to handle global threats in a way the Justice League wouldn’t.
  • Stormwatch confronts Waller about her secret control and questions if their means of taking down threats justifies their actions.

Amanda Waller has unveiled her long-held secret: she has been manipulating Stormwatch all along in her mission to counter the Justice League. Finally, she lays her cards on the table, giving the group their sole opportunity to extract answers from the notoriously tight-lipped mastermind. At the top of this unusual crew’s agenda is determining if they are just a new iteration of her infamous Suicide Squad.

Contrasting with the Suicide Squad, Stormwatch’s current lineup, portrayed in the sixth installment of “Stormwatch: Down with the Kings” by Ed Brisson, Jeff Spokes, and Saida Temofonte from Batman: The Brave and the Bold #6, is comprised of individuals who are less inclined towards criminal activities and much less prone to chaos. In fact, team members Flint, Ravager, and Phantom-One, driven by a strong moral compass, have made conscious efforts to avoid taking lives and have gone as far as saving lives even when instructed to ignore collateral damage. Waller acknowledges that their trustworthiness is one of the key reasons they were selected for this team.

As Waller addresses the team, she highlights the fact that each member willingly joined, disillusioned by the reliance on superheroes and the mere act of apprehending villains. They were enticed by the opportunity to permanently address global threats — “in a manner distinct from that of the Justice League,” as Ravager aptly describes it.

Stormwatch Is Ready to Lead the DCU (from the Shadows)

While the Justice League takes a break, Stormwatch, a legacy team hailing from the WildStorm corner of the DCU, has assumed the role of an alternative to the Justice League. They may not shine as beacons of hope, but their accomplishments include foiling supervillain prison escapes, containing a harmful undersea disease, and thwarting an intergalactic colonizer from obtaining the Phantom Zone Pistol. However, their heroics have inadvertently placed these dangerous weapons under the control of Amanda Waller.

Stormwatch believed their missions were righteous, removing deadly threats from the equation and sacrificing a few for the greater good. If the Justice League possessed these items, it would hardly raise an eyebrow. Stormwatch shared this sentiment, until the revelation that Amanda Waller was secretly pulling the strings came to light. Ravager and Flint find themselves particularly troubled by Waller’s manipulations. Instead of safeguarding others, the team finds itself building an arsenal and taking actions that could potentially undermine the true protectors of the world: the Justice League. In their confrontation with Waller, Ravager and Flint express their anticipation of a clash with the Justice League someday, but never intended to instigate an offensive battle.

Stormwatch Stands at a Crossroads at the Heart of the DCU

Winter and Flint, two longstanding members of Stormwatch, observe that unlike some of their previous leaders, Waller isn’t seeking global domination. However, the fact that she concealed her involvement initially raises concerns for Flint. This team is not averse to getting their hands dirty if they can bring about positive change in the world. The conclusion of “Down with the Kings” leaves the fate of Stormwatch uncertain, as well as whether they believe their current methods, which oppose those of the Justice League, have been justified thus far.



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