Steven Spielberg doesn’t like Hook: why the director regrets his Peter Pan film -…

Unforgettable for many children of the 90s, “Hook” celebrates its 30th anniversary today! However, the feature film worn by Robin Williams is not the one of which its director Steven Spielberg is the most proud.

Thirty years ago, a businessman named Peter Banning and played by Robin Williams flew to Never Land to find his two children, kidnapped by the fearsome Captain Hook.

Hook, this sequel to Peter Pan in live action by Steven Spielberg, also worn by Dustin Hoffman, Julia Roberts and Bob Hoskins, still remains today a vibrant childhood memory for many spectators who grew up in the 90s. .

However, as he told us in an interview in 2016 at the Cannes Film Festival, the legendary director of Jurassic Park and Jaws is not a big fan of his own film.

Indeed, when we had suggested a relationship between Hook and the feature film he had come to present – Le Bon Gros Géant – the filmmaker had immediately replied that in his opinion, the two films were very different, but above all that unlike his children, he did not particularly carry Hook in his heart:

“I hope that [Le Bon Gros Géant] has nothing to do with Hook”he told us. “I hope it’s totally different. I hope it’s way better than Hook. That said, it’s interesting because I don’t like Hook very much, but my kids love that movie. And there’s to a whole generation of young people who really enjoyed the film way beyond what I put into it.”

Steven spielberg doesn't like hook: why the director regrets his peter pan film -...
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Continuing by explaining to us that Hook was not “not a fairy tale” but rather “a huge technicolor tale about amnesia, about regaining one’s memories, and therefore one’s childhood”Steven Spielberg also told us that he was happy to see young viewers enjoy his film, even if he was not particularly proud of it himself.

In an interview for Empire magazine (relayed by the site Den of Geek), the director also explained that he had felt uncomfortable during the filming of the film:

“I felt like a fish out of water directing Hook. I didn’t trust the script except for the first act and the epilogue. I didn’t trust the body of the film . (…) I didn’t really know what I was doing, and I was trying to paint over my uncertainties by giving value to the production. The more I lacked confidence, the more colorful the sets became.”

Steven spielberg doesn't like hook: why the director regrets his peter pan film -...
Columbia TriStar

In 2011, at the microphone of Entertainment WeeklySpielberg had also specified that his regrets on the shooting of the film were in particular of a technical nature, and did not concern the entire feature film:

“There are parts of Hook that I really like. I’m very proud of my work as Peter parachutes out the window, heading to Never Land,” he said.

“I’m a little less proud of the sequences that take place in Neverland. I’m embarrassed by this extremely stylized world that today, of course, I would probably have achieved by having real characters play in a completely digital setting. But we didn’t have the technology to do that at the time, and my imagination stopped at building real sets, and painting trees blue and red.”

And if it was precisely this organic, artisanal and playful side that had participated in making Hook a wonderful childhood memory for today’s thirtysomethings? Will Spielberg one day end up reviewing his judgment on his film? Let us know what you think of the feature film in the comments.

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