Stephen King: what are his favorite horror movies?

Stephen King: what are his favorite horror movies?

Find out what are the favorite horror films of the master of the genre in literature: Stephen King.

Stephen King is the horror genre specialist in literature. We owe him Shining, The Scourge, It, Misery or Lisey’s story (of which a serial adaptation arrives tomorrow on AppleTV +). Check out the 23 horror films he considered like the best ever made, by accompanying your choices with a comment … or not.

The Blair Witch Project (1999)

Mars Movies

“One thing you should know about Blair Witch: this damn movie looks real. And another thing you should know about Blair Witch: this damn movie is real.”

The Jane Doe Identity (2016)

Wild Bunch Distribution

“A visceral horror that rivals Alien or Cronenberg’s early days. Look at it, but not on its own.”

The Ruins (2008)


While on vacation in Cancun, Amy, her best friend Stacy and their respective boyfriends, Jeff and Eric, meet a German tourist, Mathis, and her boyfriend Dimitri. When the latter’s brother mysteriously disappears inside a Mayan pyramid, the group decides to explore the ruin, covered with a strange climbing plant. But they will be faced with a hostile tribe …

Crimson Peak (2015)

Universal Pictures

“Beautiful and fucking terrifying”.

The Stepfather (1987)

Capital Cinema

Jerry Blake seems to be leading a small, uneventful life. A satisfying job, a tight-knit family, he has it all. But when a grain of sand stops the machine, man’s behavior radically changes. Perfection is his obsession …

The Witch (2015)

Universal Pictures International France

“The Witch really freaked me out. It’s realistic, tense, and sobering, as much as it is visceral.”

Final destination (2000)

Metropolitan FilmExport

“I love all of these movies, but only the first one is awesomely scary with its grim insistence that you can’t beat Death: when your time is right, it is.”

Army of the Dead (2004)

Metropolitan FilmExport

“The Perfect Genie would be Zack Snyder’s remake of Zombie, which begins with one of the best horror opening sequences ever.”

Blue Fear (1999)

Warner Bros.

Dr. Susan McAlester is convinced that the degeneration of the human brain can be remedied with the help of shark proteins. During her research, she do not hesitate to recombine the DNA of two large sharks in defiance of medical ethics and the most elementary caution. Susan and her partners turn them into terrifying killing machines.

The Strangers (2008)

M6 Video

“It starts out slow, then builds on the unease and goes from terror to horror. Why does this happen? Because.”

Duel (1971)

Solaris Distribution

“His most inventive film, reduced to the essentials.”

The Descent (2005)

The Film Factory

In the middle of the Appalachian Mountains, six young women meet for a speleological expedition. Suddenly, a landslide blocks the way back. As they try to find another way out, they realize that they are not alone. Something is there, underground, with them … Something terribly dangerous decided to hunt them down one by one …

The Diabolics (1955)

The Acacias

“More Hitchcockian than a Hitchcock.”

Event Horizon (1997)


“A terrifying, Lovecraftian and spatial tale with a ‘The Monster’ vibe, directed by the British.”

The Changeling: The Devil’s Child (1980)

SN Prodis

A composer whose wife and little girl have just died in an accident moves into an isolated house where someone or something is trying to get in touch with him.

Convoy of Fear (1977)


Four foreigners of different nationalities, each wanted in their own country, team up to drive a shipment of nitroglycerin through the South American jungle… A journey to the heart of darkness…

Hitcher (2007)


“The Rutger Hauer from the first film will never be matched, but it’s a rarity, a reimagining that actually works.”

Hitcher (1986)


“The Rutger Hauer [de ce film] will never be equaled “.

Date with Fear (1957)


“The horror is quite underestimated there, until the very end of the film”.

The Village of the Damned (1960)


“You can’t get much better than this British horror film camouflaged in a sci-fi film.”

The Last House on the Left (1972)

Wild Side Video

To celebrate her seventeenth birthday, Mari, accompanied by a friend, decides to get some marijuana. When a young outsider, Junior, offers to get them some, they agree, not suspecting that the dealer is part of a band of murderous sadists led by the terrifying Krug. Their ordeal will soon begin.

The Mist (2007)

TFM Distribution

As a strange haze seems to envelop a small town in Maine, David Drayton and his young son Billy find themselves trapped in a supermarket with other terrified locals. It doesn’t take long for David to realize that the fog is populated by disturbing creatures … Their only chance of getting out is to unite. But is it possible when we know human nature?

Hypnosis (1999)

March Distribution

“A disturbing exploration of what happens when a worker begins to see ghosts”.

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