Stars Weigh in on Lukas Gage’s Viral Video of ‘S–t Talking Director”

Stars Weigh in on Lukas Gage’s Viral Video of ‘S–t Talking Director”

If there’s one thing celebrities can bond over, it’s a mutual dislike of misbehaved directors.

So when Euphoria actor Luke Gage shared a now viral video of an unidentified director mocking him for living in a “tiny apartment” during a Zoom audition, not realizing his mic was on, dozens of stars rallied behind the ‘actor.

“Response class Lukas,” Mad Men alum January Jones commented on the video, which was posted to Instagram and Twitter on Friday, November 20. “What a hole titled, dm me who it was so that I could take note of never working with that person.”

Many commentators immediately tried to guess the identity of the person. And Lukas, 25, who described him as a “fucking talking director”, played along but kept it a secret.

“NAME NAMES”, commented the author and the comedian Jordan firstman, to which Lukas replied, “100k likes for the name.” As of Saturday morning, the video has been viewed over 437,000 times on Instagram and liked over 169,000 times on Twitter.

Janvier wrote: “I have a guess.” She gave no name, nor Emmy rossum, who plays with Lukas in the new Peacock series Angelyne. But the old one Shameless The star made her own guess and shared a disturbing account of her own bad experience with a director.

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