Starmania, Émilie Jolie…: musical comedies made in France in the spotlight on madelen -…

While Spielberg brought the genre to shine in theaters with its adaptation of West Side Story, the musical continues to be popular with audiences. For the occasion, madelen offers you three essentials of the genre made in France.

Starmania, émilie jolie…: musical comedies made in france in the spotlight on madelen -...

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It charms, it moves, it enchants, it fascinates… In recent years, the musical has taken on color, as the success of West Side Story version Steven Spielberg still demonstrates today, without forgetting those of La La Land and A Star is Born before him. The ideal opportunity to take an interest in three French musicals to see and re-watch now on the madelen platform. Do not miss this parade of stars!


It is a classic of the genre in France: Émilie Jolie, Philippe Chatel’s musical tale arranged by Jean-Louis Bucchi, has already enchanted many spectators on stage and on our screens. Who does not know the heady theme of this work in which the very young Emilie dreams of clinging to the wings of the great bird to travel?

The first television adaptation signed Jean-Christophe Averty brings together a host of stars of French song: Henri Salvador plays the storyteller, accompanied by Françoise Hardy, Julien Clerc, Louis Chedid, Eddy Mitchell, Laurent Voulzy, Alain Souchon, Georges Brassens, Diane Dufresne and Philippe Chatel. Virginie Verrière lends her features to the heroine of this joyous musical.

More than forty years after its creation, quickly discover in this version of 1980 the incredible journey of the little girl with blond hair through her picture book.


Almost ten years before getting down to directing Émilie Jolie, Jean-Christophe Averty signs the staging of a musical film based on the cult album Melody Nelson story by Serge Gainsbourg. In the title role, his muse Jane Birkin plays the teenage heroine of this story, who will succumb to the narrator’s charms.

In this psychedelic work bringing together the two lovers, fans discover in a new light the essential titles of the French artist, which have inspired so many others, from Lenny Kravitz to Placebo and Jarvis Cocker. Paintings by Salvador Dalí, Max Ernst and Douanier Rousseau serve as the backdrop to this surprising visual spectacle.

Find Gainsbourg at the wheel of his Rolls Royce in Melody, between singular musical and video clip, to see on madelen.


This year, Space Jam: New Era and Tom and Jerry have brought up to date the famous movie recipe combining animation and live shots. 50 years ago, she was already delighting spectators in the fabulous musical Perrault 70 by Jacques Samyn (Good night the little ones), resolutely ahead of its time.

In the company of actress and dancer Thalie Fruges, the unforgettable Pierre Richard crosses paths with characters from Charles Perrault’s tales: Little Red Riding Hood, Little Thumb, Puss in Boots, but also emblematic villains like the Wolf, Bluebeard and the Ogre. All in music and dance of course!

Far from the roles we know him, discover another side of Pierre Richard in the musical tale Perrault 70.



Cult musical, Starmania marked the genre with its originality, modernity and timeless hits. However, the first version of the rock opera, which brought together Daniel Balavoine, Fabienne Thibeault, Diane Dufresne and France Gall on stage, was never fully filmed.

In 1978, on the stage of the Théâtre de l’Empire, Michel Berger and Luc Plamondon presented the performers of the show and some memorable songs as a bonus: When you arrive in town, The One Against the Others, The Blues of the businessman … Performances accompanied by the Antenne 2 symphony orchestra to (re) discover now on madelen!

Starmania, émilie jolie…: musical comedies made in france in the spotlight on madelen -...


January 2020. Six comedians from the Comédie-Française – Stéphane Varupenne, Benjamin Lavernhe, Sébastien Pouderoux, Noam Morgensztern, Yoann Gasiorowski and Rebecca Marder – pay homage to Serge Gainsbourg, by resuming some of his greatest titles, such as Javanese and The Lilac Punch, installed in the Ferber recording studio in Paris.

This adapted version of their show Les Serge (Gainsbourg point barre) offers spectators the opportunity to discover the full extent of their talents, while enjoying the revisited repertoire of the French artist. The Comédie-Française sings Gainsbourg, a musical film to see on madelen!

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