Starlink space display ‘set to continue all week’

Starlink space display ‘set to continue all week’

Starlink satellite chain

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EPA / Peter Komka Hungary Out

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Long exposure images were used to produce this shot of the satellites passing over Hungary

The spectacle of satellites passing over the UK in what appears to be a chain of lights should be visible for the rest of the week, space experts say.

The 60 Starlink satellites launched by Elon Musk’s SpaceX company appear in a line that crosses the night sky.

They were launched into space in March, but their current orbital position has made them easier to see in the past few days.

Stargazers have used apps and websites to check when they can locate the display.

SpaceX has so far sent 300 satellites into space to a planned network of 12,000, with the aim of improving global Internet coverage.

They were shot in batches of 60, with the latest launch in mid-March.

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Media captionA time-lapse of Starlink satellites taken from the Peak District in December

The most recent line of satellites has been spotted in Derbyshire, Manchester, London, Leeds and across Europe, with many people sharing their excitement on social media.

The National Space Center in Leicester reported that each lot was deployed in an orbit about 180 miles above Earth and moved about 340 miles away.

Sophie Allan, from the center, said that the current good visibility was due to a combination of the lot’s low orbit, clear night skies and the angle of the satellites to the sun.

He said he expected this to continue for at least another five days.

Several websites and apps allow people to track the current positions of the satellites, with the next UK display scheduled shortly before 22:00 BST on Monday.

However, the project was criticized by some astronomers who branded space technology as an eyesore.

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