Star Wars: when Alec Guinness remembers the film’s “appalling dialogues”

Star Wars: when Alec Guinness remembers the film’s “appalling dialogues”

In an interview with the BBC in 1987, Sir Alec Guinness, the unforgettable Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars, recalls his first reaction when he discovered the script for George Lucas’ film, and “its appalling dialogue”. .

Star wars: when alec guinness remembers the film's "appalling dialogues"
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If Alec Guinness was the favorite actor of David Lean, crowned with the Oscar for Best Actor for his extraordinary composition as Colonel Nicholson in the absolute classic The Bridge of the River Kwai, the actor was also able to largely seduce a whole new generation of spectators.

The one who discovered his exploits as a Jedi knight in Star Wars, in the guise of Obi-Wan Kenobi. A memorable composition also greeted by a new citation to the Oscar, for the Best Actor in a Supporting Role this time.

Although enthusiastic on the set of the George Lucas film, the person concerned always said that he did not understand very well this story of Jedi Knights and Force in ancient but futuristic times. If it appears in the making of images ofNew hope, the images in which Guinness expresses themselves on the subject are ultimately quite rare, and therefore precious.

This is the case with this interview with the BBC in 1987, when the actor is 73 years old. An interview in which he evokes his first reactions upon discovering the Star Wars universe, when he received the script sent by George Lucas.

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“I was in Hollywood where I was finishing shooting a movie, when I got the script for Star Wars. I was like, ‘oh this is George Lucas?’ Someone who was then known to do avant-garde stuff. I saw that it was science fiction, and I thought it was not for me. I started to read it, and even though the dialogues were horrendous, there was something that made me turn the pages. And that’s pretty rare in a script. When I met George Lucas, we understood each other I think. I enjoyed making this movie, and I think at the time nobody believed in me in this movie […]. I didn’t know at the time that he would be so successful. I now hear people denigrate work [sur ce film]. However, I can assure you that it was done with a lot of passion and imagination ”.

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