Star Wars: what do the Empire Strikes Back and Doctor Who have in common?  - Cinema News

Star Wars: what do the Empire Strikes Back and Doctor Who have in common? – Cinema News

If it is common and known that a prop is reused from one film to another in a franchise, sometimes with some modifications, the re-use of a prop in a completely different franchise, many years later, is less known…

Fans of the Star Wars universe know him well. Who is that ? The formidable bounty hunter known as Bossk. Reptilian in appearance and originally from the planet Trandoshan, rival of Boba Fett, Bossk is a fierce enemy of the Wookies, especially Chewbacca.

In the cinema, we remember seeing him in the Empire Strikes Back: he was then contacted by Darth Vader and put in competition with others to track down and capture Han Solo and his sidekick, as well as his precious Falcon ship. Millennium.

Small souvenir sequence, below …

If we know that it is common for a prop to be used from one film to another in the same franchise, sometimes with a few small modifications, it is also common – but less known – than a used prop. in a movie or series be reused in another franchise.

A good example of this is the diary read by the character of Al Bundy, played by actor Ed O’Neill, in the cult series Married, two children, which ended in 1997. 20 years later, the actor was reading exactly the same newspaper in the series Modern Family, which made its debut on the ABC channel in 2009!

In L’Empire strikes back, released in 1980, Bossk wears a suit made from an RAF Windak suit dating from the early 1960s, worn by British pilots and intended to protect them when flying at high altitudes. This costume was already used in an episode of the Doctor Who series, broadcast in October 1966 on the BBC, called The 10th Planet.

And this is what he looked like. Recycling is quite an art!

Lucasfilms Ltd / BBC

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