Star Wars Visions on Disney +: Is the Animated Series True to the Spirit of the Saga? -…

The Disney + platform today unveils its brand new original series “Star Wars: Visions”, an animated production seeing Japanese studios pay tribute to the famous science fiction saga!

Star wars visions on disney +: is the animated series true to the spirit of the saga? -...
Lucasfilm, Ltd.


“Star Wars Visions” anthology series, which will see several Japanese animation studios revisiting the famous saga through original and unpublished short films.

Star Wars: Visions (nine episodes) – Available on Disney +


Nine short films designed by seven Japanese animation studios, this is the starting point of the animated series Star Wars: Visions. To bring this ambitious project to fruition, the teams of Lucasfilm Ltd. have simply decided to surround themselves with the best Japanese companies.

The studios selected to work on the series are as follows: Kamikaze Douga (Batman ninja), Geno Studio (Golden Kamui), Colorido Studio (Burn the witch), Trigger (Kill la Kill), Kinema Citrus (Made in Abyss), Science Saru (Devilman crybaby) and IG production (Ghost in the Shell).

On the casting side, the series brings together a prestigious cast for both its English and Japanese versions. Thus, among the American voices, many celebrities like Kyle Chandler, Simu Liu, Temuera Morrison (reprising his role of Boba Fett) or Jamie Chung.

The Japanese cast brings together famous seiyûs (name given to dubbing actors in Japan) such as Masako Nozawa (Dragon ball), Kenichi Ogata (Gundam, My Hero Academia) or Yuichi Nakamura (Jujutsu kaisen).


Disney + has big plans for the Star Wars saga. With no less than ten series in development, the platform is indeed working on the development of the license via productions devoted to characters adored by fans (Obi-Wan Kenobi, Lando, Ahsoka Tano…) but also through spin-offs that complement the plot of the three trilogies.

But among all these projects, Star Wars: Visions is an exception, since the animated series co-produced with Japan does not fall within the official canon of the saga, that is to say it is in no way linked to the plot of the other Star Wars movies and series.

Conceived as an anthology of nine short films, Star Wars Visions thus offers a formidable playground to the seven Japanese studios contacted to deliver their vision of the saga. Freed from this chronological constraint, the latter thus have no creative limit to explore aspects never seen before in Star wars.

Star wars visions on disney +: is the animated series true to the spirit of the saga? -...

Lucasfilm, Ltd.


From a black and white chanbara to a rock & pop opera, Star Wars Visions offers a cheerful and entertaining compilation of short films (average episode length of around 13 minutes); designed for both fans of the saga and anime fans, these nine “visions” are also an opportunity to pay tribute to one of George Lucas’ main sources of inspiration.

The creator of Star Wars has indeed never hidden that Akira Kurosawa’s films greatly inspired him when designing the saga, and more particularly his film The Hidden Fortress. Among the most famous borrowings from Japanese culture in Star Wars is the word “Jedi”, derived from jidai-geki (name given to Japanese period films).

Star Wars Visions offers all the qualities but also all the drawbacks of the anthological format: thus, no need to like all the episodes of the series, but no doubt that each viewer will find something in at least one of the nine films offered by the Disney + platform from this Wednesday September 22.

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