Star Wars the Empire strikes back: an action scene cut at the start of the film – teller report

What if the monstrous creature that attacked Luke on the planet Hoth had outright attacked the Rebel base? Find out what the wampa almost did in this cut scene from “The Empire Strikes Back” …

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We are at the very beginning of The Empire Strikes Back. While patrolling the planet Hoth on a tauntaun, Luke Skywalker is suddenly attacked by a monstrous yeti-like creature, who knocks him out and drags him into his cave to devour him. A very sad fate that the Jedi manages to avoid by slicing the hairy arm of the monster with a blow of a lightsaber, before fleeing.

Even if today, the attack of the wampa is one of the many must-see sequences of the first Star Wars trilogy, know that it was originally meant to be much more important in the film … and much more destructive. Indeed, as we can see in the bonus section of The Empire Strikes Back on Disney +, after having attacked Luke, the wampa then had to attack the rebel base, accompanied by its congeners.

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The new extract (available on the platform) thus shows us one of the creatures attempting to infiltrate inside the complex, right next to Han and Leia who do not seem to notice it. A violent attack on the base by several wampa ensues, which the rebel soldiers eventually overcome. But even if, for the most part, the monsters are exterminated, others are also locked behind a sealed door.

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Thus, later in the film, when the Empire’s troops in turn invade the rebel base, certain stormtroopers (victims of a C-3PO ruse that tears the warning posted on the door) find themselves at their tower attacked by wampas.

Deemed insufficient from a visual point of view and not realistic enough in terms of special effects, the scene – which indeed denotes a lot with the film that we know even if it remains fun and pleasant – is therefore to be discovered on Disney +.

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