Star Wars: the animated short film with Boba Fett posted on Disney +

Disney + has quietly uploaded the animated short “The Story of the Faithful Wookiee”, which was part of the dreaded and dreaded “Star Wars Holiday Special” disowned by George Lucas, marking Boba Fett’s first official appearance.

Star wars: the animated short film with boba fett posted on disney +
Lucasfilm Ltd.

November 17, 1978. Young Americans eagerly await on CBS the broadcast of a “special episode” of Star Wars, which they imagine as the sequel or complement to the feature film they discovered at the cinema on May 25, 1977 and which was soberly titled Star Wars (in France Star Wars, later renamed New hope).

It is in this context that broadcast on television The Star Wars Holiday Special, in French At the time of the star wars. But fans are quickly disconcerted by the program offered to them. Although there is a live-action portion using very short cut scenes from Star Wars, the result is tragic.

Creator of the saga, George Lucas decided to focus on Chewbacca’s parents and their daily life watching strange TV shows. Moreover, we do not understand what the Wookiees are saying, since Han or C-3PO are not there to ensure the translation.

Star wars: the animated short film with boba fett posted on disney +

Lucasfilm Ltd.

Luke and his companions in the Holiday Special animated short

We are also entitled to a song by Carrie Fisher dressed as Leia, a useless red thread of the Wookiees who are preparing a party on the planet Kashyyyk and generally actors who do not know very well what they are doing there and / or coming backwards .

This deceptive television event, however, contains a nugget: an animated short film featuring an adventure between episodes IV and V. Han and Chewie are in dire straits and crush the Millennium Falcon on a “water planet” inhabited by a chewing creature. of metal. Luke and Leia come to their rescue and ally with Boba Fett, before he betrays them.

Star wars: the animated short film with boba fett posted on disney +

Lucasfilm Ltd.

Boba Fett’s first official appearance

It is therefore the first meeting between the heroes of the saga and the famous bounty hunter who made this short film entitled The story of the faithful wookiee cult with fans, despite his presence in a TV movie that Lucas himself denied.

Indeed, and it is not an urban legend of cinema, George Lucas tried to buy back all copies of this Holiday Special so that there is not one left. However, it failed, since several were found in poor quality on the internet. The short was present to him (hidden) in the Blu-ray box Complete Star Wars Saga, and has recently been on the Disney + platform.

Despite a questionable quality of animation, Lucas will call on the Nelvana company for two series, one entitled Droids and the other Ewoks, also available on Disney +.

But did you know Boba Fett appeared before the Holiday Special?

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