Star Wars Squadrons, in the glorious footsteps of X-Wing Vs Tie-Fighter

Star Wars Squadrons, in the glorious footsteps of X-Wing Vs Tie-Fighter

Have you always dreamed of participating in space battles worthy of the Star Wars movies? This is now possible thanks to “Star Wars: Squadrons”, the latest game from Motive Studios, which proves to be as exhilarating as it is jubilant.

Electronic Arts / Motive Studios

Only playable in internal view, Star Wars: Squadrons puts you in the shoes of pilots of the alliance and the empire for spectacular contests, as if you were in the saga. If there is one thing that surprises in the game developed by Motive Studiosis its immersion force. We have rarely known cockpits so crying out for the truth, even if we obviously do not eye the side of a Flight Simulator. The details are very numerous, the graphics superb, to the point that one would almost sometimes confuse the movies and the game. The sound environment, particularly worked, completes this exhilarating feeling of taking part in a real battle between the Empire and the ‘Alliance. But the forces of Star Wars Squadrons do not stop at its flattering plastic, since the developers also offer us an adventure well integrated into the universe.

Indeed, the scenario is canon and integrated into that of the story of Star Wars. So, your adventure takes place right after Episode VI, Return of the Jedi. With its leaders defeated, the Galactic Empire is no more than a shadow of itself and the New Republic (formerly Rebel Alliance) takes the opportunity to try to take control of the galaxy with the Starhawk project. Without going into details, know that you will play, in turn, mission after mission, a pilot from each of the two parties for a scenario that does not really surprise, both in form and in substance, but which succeeds us to snap up through awe-inspiring achievement, gripping pace, and subtle gameplay to say the least.

Easy to play, but difficult to master

If we salute the overall rendering of Squadrons as it manages to snatch us into the universe of the saga, it is nonetheless a game in which gameplay is essential. And here again, the developers have achieved a feat. In addition to the 8 available ships (4 on the Alliance side and 4 for The Empire), all with unique piloting, Squadrons’ gameplay goes further because you have to constantly learn to manage the energy of your machine. . This by placing it either on the engines to gain speed or maneuverability, or on the weapons to do more damage or on the shields to resist enemy assaults.

Motive studios

And as much to tell you that between the shots of lasers, the cruisers and other asteroids to dodge, the enemy ships by the dozen, etc. The player’s concentration is strained, as the action can quickly get frantic on screen. And it is all the better as the missions, a little more than fifteen, do not lack diversity. You will understand, the result is a real treat for fans of dog fights in first person view and fans of the George Lucas saga, especially as some guest stars, like the admiral Ackbar or Wedge Antilles, come to immerse us even more in the scenario. A very good point therefore.

A galaxy full of gamers

Beyond its scenario of ten hours, Squadrons also offers 5v5 multiplayer play. And if the Air Combat mode boils down to shooting down the 5 opposing pilots, it is already enough to have so much fun. it is imperative to play in cooperation with his associates and their vessels to adapt well to situations and gain the upper hand. But the icing on the cruiser is ultimately in the Fleet Battles mode in which you have to play cooperatively to win great battles, like those in the movies, with defined objectives that require mastery and coordination. Here, we loved it, although it is better to play with comrades you know well and even if, in the end, we would have appreciated a few more game modes because only these two are present at the moment.

Virtual experience

Obviously, virtual reality headsets are not yet legion among gamers, but if there is a game with which it is recommended to use it, that’s fine. Star Wars Squadrons. If all of what is proposed is identical, the experience is here transcended. Turning your head in your X-Wing to try to find an enemy to the side or feel the violence of a laser shock on the cabin in your Tie-Fighter are absolutely incredible sensations, especially if you are playing on PC. Indeed, the best headsets are on this medium, but the game in virtual reality is also available on PlayStation 4. Although the sensations are just as gripping, we must admit that the reduced resolution of the PSVR taints the graphics of the game, but the pleasure of enjoying the virtual environment remains the same.

This is a real childhood dream that the developers offer us here: piloting a Star Wars ship, as if you were a pilot in the movies and this in internal view or in virtual reality. A promise kept therefore, which will be even more appreciated by fans of the Star Wars universe both the experience, because we can really talk about it for this title, is one that we have been waiting for for years. Ultimately, not to spoil anything, the price of the game is rather low: count around thirty euros. No reason to deprive yourself therefore.

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