Star Wars: Electronic Arts Confirms It Will Continue To Develop Games On License

While welcoming its partnership with Disney on the Star Wars license, which has enabled it to earn $ 3 billion in 10 years, the publisher Electronic Arts specifies that it will continue to develop Star Wars games, even if it does not. ‘has more exclusivity.

Star wars: electronic arts confirms it will continue to develop games on license
Electronic Arts

We knew that the Star Wars license is in the overwhelming majority of cases synonymous with an absolute cash machine, especially with regard to derivatives. The video game editor Electronic Arts This was understood ten years ago, when he signed an agreement with Disney for the exclusive use of the license during that lapse of time. And that earned him, according to current EA CEO Andrew Wilson, $ 3 billion.

This sum covers all the games released under the license during the period, and sold a total of more than 52 million copies. These figures include of course those of Jedi: Fallen Order and the very recent Star Wars: Squadrons. As an indication, only the mobile game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes generated $ 1 billion in profits … These $ 3 billion are all the more impressive given that the first game to come out of the EA stable after the signing of the deal with Disney was Star Wars Battlefront, in 2015. $ 3 billion in just over 5 years is a huge jackpot.

However, the announcement in mid January of the creation of a Open World Star Wars by Ubisoft put de facto end of EA’s exclusivity in operating the license. Sean Shoptaw, senior vice president of the Interactive Division at Disney, said: “EA has been, and continues to be, a very important strategic partner for us. But we felt there was room for others.”

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“We have a long partnership with Disney. Expect us to continue to invest in our Star Wars partnership. It has been very profitable, we have made over $ 3 billion, and we are excited to see that. we will be able to do in the future around the license. So we should not understand that as the idea of ​​making less games “ Andrew Wilson told the shareholders of the company, whose comments are reported by the specialized site The Force is definitely overkill with this license …

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