Star Wars Day: Disney + unveils Simpsons parody short

On the occasion of May 4, which celebrates the “Star Wars” saga every year, the Disney + platform unveils a funny short film featuring Maggie Simpson.

Disney +

In a lawful daycare, far from here …“While The Bad Batch, a new Star Wars animated series, hits the screens, Disney + is taking advantage of May 4 to unveil a unique short film by The Simpsons. Entitled The Awakening of the Force after the nap, this little film of ‘just over 3 minutes features Maggie Simpson as a tough guy in the universe created by George Lucas.

From the first seconds, Marge leaves her daughter in a daycare for Jedis called La Hutte de Jabba. Inside, many iconic figures make the appearance as the child searches for their stolen pacifier. In the batch, General Grievous changes the diapers of the young residents there, Ashsoka Tano is a strict guard who plunges the most dissipated in carbonite and a mini Darth Maul in diaper engages in a lightsaber fight with Maggie Simpson .

Directed by David Silverman, historical producer of the series and director of the film released in 2007, The Force Awakens after the nap adds to the list of the program’s many tributes to cult Hollywood films. Available on Disney +.

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