Star Trek Discovery on Netflix: a successful new start for season 3?

The third season of “Star Trek Discovery” premieres this Friday, October 16 on Netflix France. Semi-reboot of the series, was this first episode convincing?

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No Future

The third of Star Trek Discovery therefore begins after a jump of 930 years in the future carried out by the crew of theUSS Discovery. Stranded alone on an unknown planet, Michael Burnham meets Book, a space courier shrouded in mystery, whom she implores to help him contact his spaceship. At first, the latter categorically refuses, and their association collapses when the latter betrays her to recover his Starfleet equipment, an antique in his eyes that he hopes to be able to resell at a high price.

Only after several adventures in which our heroes nearly lose their lives, Book turns out to be more than just a money-obsessed smuggler. A depth of soul that is not unlike that of a certain Han Solo, while the cyberpunk world discovered by Michael Burnham seems to refer to the universe of Blade Runner, another sci-fi masterpiece embodied by Harrison Ford. We know that between the worlds of Star Trek and Star Wars, there is sometimes only one step.

Lost in space

The common thread of this start of the season – conceived as a semi-reboot by Alex Kurtzman to free himself from the constraints of the canon of the original series – will therefore be for Michael to find the trace of the members of theUSS Discovery. Left to her own devices on an unknown 24th century planet, Spock’s adopted sister is going to have to adapt to this futuristic environment as quickly as possible if she hopes to survive dangers of a whole new order.

In addition to its breathtaking action scenes, and the introduction of Book as the new regular character of the show, the great quality of this opening episode was to take place almost entirely outdoors and in natural settings. While the action from the previous two seasons was generally condensed into studio-shot spaceship footage in Toronto, the fact that this third season opens in this fashion brings a more than welcome breeze to a series that was already beginning. to go around in circles.

Unknown land

Of course, the big mystery of this third season will be to understand how the almighty Federation came to disappear. And also to know what exactly is the Burn mentioned by Book. Maybe Michael didn’t land by chance in the 24th century; It remains to be seen how the young woman, once she has found the trace of her crew, will be able to revive Starfleet and its values ​​of universal peace from its ashes.

It is surely no coincidence that the kickoff of this new season was scheduled just a few weeks before the US presidential election; as if the subtext of this third season of Star Trek Discovery was to give spectators hope by predicting that the dark times we live in will come to an end. After all, it was for very similar intentions that Gene Roddenberry created the original series in 1966 …

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