Star Trek: after Discovery and Picard, other series in preparation on Paramount +?

“Star Trek” TV franchise manager Alex Kurtzman has revealed that several new series are in the pipeline, with five licensed shows currently in production.

Star trek: after discovery and picard, other series in preparation on paramount +?

Five Star Trek series in production, and others already in the pipeline? This is the information to remember from the panels held during the Television Critics Association, annual meeting during which the screenwriter Alex Kurtzman – the director of television development of the franchise – spoke about the status of the various series in production.

The second season of Picard is currently filming, as well as the new series Strange New Worlds, while the new seasons of Discovery and Lower Decks will enter production very soon. It should also be remembered that the Prodigy cartoon, co-produced with the Nickelodeon channel, will be offered later this year on the new American platform Paramount +.

But that’s not all, since other series are also under study. This is the case, for example, with Section 31, a spin-off supposed to stage Philippa Georgiou (embodied in Discovery by Michelle Yeoh); the programming manager of the platform Julie McNamara nevertheless made it clear that it was not planned to launch all the series at the same time, in order to avoid a drop in the quality of these series. “We are very careful with the pace of broadcast. (…) We want to make sure that there is excitement every time a new series is launched.”

A point of view shared by Alex Kurtzman, obviously already quite busy with five series to supervise. “We want each series to be different and unique from the others. We want everyone to be able to find a good reason to watch all of these series.” he added, thus suggesting that it will probably be necessary to show patience before hoping to discover a sixth Star Trek series. Picard having been conceived as a story over three seasons, it would therefore appear logical that a novelty succeed it, in 2023 or 2024.

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If these Star Trek series are offered in the United States exclusively on Paramount +, their broadcast in France is totally different: thus Discovery is scheduled on Netflix, while Picard and Lower Decks belong to the Amazon Prime Video catalog.

The Star Trek Discovery trailer, shown here on Netflix:

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