Squid Game’s shoes, the 50 Shades whip … These 6 cult objects that …

From Vans Slip-On shoes from “Squid Game” to the riding crop from “50 Shades”, through the breeches of Bridget Jones and the Ray-Ban Aviator glasses from “Top Gun”, focus on 6 items that saw their sales boosted thanks to a film or a series.

Shoes, glasses, breeches, riding crops … Worn by the success of a film or a series, clothes or objects sometimes experience a resurgence in popularity, with sales suddenly boosted.

From Vans Slip-On shoes from the very recent South Korean phenomenon Squid Game to the riding crop of Christian Gray in the erotic saga 50 Shades, through the giant panties worn by Renée Zellweger in The Diary of Bridget Jones and the Aviator Ray-Ban glasses paved by Tom Cruise in Top Gun, focus on 6 objects that have become “trendy” after a noticeable passage on the screen.

The Vans Slip-On shoes from “Squid Game”

Squid game's shoes, the 50 shades whip... These 6 cult objects that...

According to the specialized site Variety, the white Vans Slip-On worn by the candidates of Squid Game have been wildly successful since the arrival, last month on Netflix, of the phenomenon series. After the launch of the South Korean program, these shoes low without laces saw their sales increase by … 7,800%! This meteoric rise follows a surge in sales of green and white tracksuits similar to those worn by the characters.

The Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses from “Top Gun”

Squid game's shoes, the 50 shades whip... These 6 cult objects that...
United International Pictures (UIP)

They are perhaps the most famous glasses of the big screen: the Ray-Ban Aviator worn by Tom cruise in Top Gun. Marketed from 1937, these sunglasses, which were originally intended for the US Air Force, are the most famous model of the Ray-Ban brand and Tom cruise is no stranger to this success. Because when they found themselves on the nose of the Hollywood star in the mid-80s, the Aviator experienced a great resurgence in popularity which has never wavered since.

Bridget Jones giant panties

Squid game's shoes, the 50 shades whip... These 6 cult objects that...
Working Title Films

Giant, covering, “grandmother’s” panties … Call it what you want, but the size XXL underwear worn by Renée Zellweger in Bridget Jones Diary, unexpectedly discovered by Daniel Clever (Hugh Grant) during their first moment under the covers, had its heyday after the film’s release in 2001. Chis famous giant panties have indeed upset the economy and the certainties of feminine lingerie, sales of this model increasing by 17%, while those of thongs fell by 7%.

Two decades later, the giant panties “to the Bridget “does not seem out of fashion. An article from the Guardian published last February reveals that, according to Lyst, a search engine specializing in fashion, searches for underwear of this style have increased by 46% since December 2020.

The chess game after “The Lady’s Game”

Squid game's shoes, the 50 shades whip... These 6 cult objects that...

The success of the mini-series The Lady’s Game, unveiled in October 2020 on Netflix, has boosted sales of chess games, making a discipline that one would qualify as rather serious and discreet in fashion. This is what reported our colleagues from Figaro, who had questioned Franck Mathais, Jouéclub’s spokesperson, on the subject. The latter explained that their online sales of chess games had doubled in one year. Event series on Netflix + board game + lockdown period = guaranteed box on the shelves!

The whip from “Fifty Shades of Gray”

Squid game's shoes, the 50 shades whip... These 6 cult objects that...
Universal Pictures International France

More than three years ago, the Decathlon brand revealed on social networks to have observed in 2017 a substantial increase in its sales of … whips! Would horse-riding lovers have suddenly been more numerous that year? Not at all ! This sales boost actually coincided with the theatrical release … of 50 Shades Darker, the second part of the erotic saga led by Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson! A trend which, according to the French brand, lasted about 3 weeks.

The dress of Elizabeth Taylor in “A place in the sun”

Squid game's shoes, the 50 shades whip... These 6 cult objects that...
Splendor Films

Famous creation of costume designer Edith Head, the dress worn by actress Elizabeth Taylor in A Place in the Sun (1951) was a revolution: it was the first strapless dress. The success was such that the garment was copied by all the designers and couturiers of the time and that it established itself as a bestseller for weddings and end-of-year balls in the High Schools American. Even today, this cult dress remains a model.

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