Spotify allows fans to pay musicians directly

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Spotify hopes the feature will help fans support musicians during the blockade

Spotify has introduced a new feature that allows artists to receive “suggestions” or donate money to charity.

Bands can add a “Fundraiser for Artists” badge to the top of their Spotify profile, highlighting a fundraising destination where fans can send money.

In addition to raising funds for themselves, artists can give money to charity or street crews who are out of work while tours are on hold due to Covid-19.

Spotify said it hoped the feature could help the artists affected by the blockade.

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“First of all, this feature allows artists interested in raising funds to support themselves, their bands or crews, to communicate the profiles of their Spotify artists to their fans,” reads a blog post announcing the initiative.

“Given the urgency and impact of the Covid-19 crisis, we are working as quickly as possible to develop this new product and make it known to as many artists as possible. However, we have never created a fundraising function like this. before.”

“We consider this a first version that will evolve as we learn to make it as useful as possible for the music community.”

The Marshmello dance act was one of the first to enroll, encouraging its 33 million monthly listeners to donate to the relief fund of the musicon coronavirus, set up by the Grammys to support jobless musicians.

“Many of us have been affected by the Covid-19 virus, and now more than ever we need to be together and help each other,” he said.

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The badge will appear under the artist profile picture in the Spotify app

Singer-songwriter Taylor Vick, who publishes music under the Boy Scouts moniker, is using this feature to try to remain solvent.

“Like many others at the moment, they are out of work because our tours have been canceled or postponed due to Covid-19,” he said. “Any help is appreciated as we continue to seek new ways to do it.”

Online “tipping” has become commonplace on streaming sites like Twitch and the Himalaya podcast app.

In China, the functionality is integrated into streaming services such as QQ Music, Kugou and Kuwo and the WeSing karaoke app, all managed by the Tencent technology conglomerate.

Writers can also be informed of their stories via WeChat and podcasters for their episodes on Ximalaya, China’s largest vocal audio platform.

The artists welcomed the advent of Spotify in the world of tip, but some have suggested that the site could have a greater impact by increasing the fees it paid to musicians.

Last month, a petition has been established by Evan Greer asking Spotify to triple royalty payments following loss of earnings due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Swedish company did not respond to these requests; but has separately donated up to $ 10 million in donations to organizations that support artists in need, including MusiCares and UK charities Help Musicians and the PRS Foundation.

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