Spoiled rotten: who play Gérard Jugnot’s children in this comedy?

Pourris gâtés, a comedy carried by Gérard Jugnot, hits theaters. The actor plays Francis, a wealthy father anxious to teach his children a lesson. But who are these actors who play the offspring of Jugnot in the film?

Lazy, capricious, partiers, the three children of businessman Francis Bartek (Gérard Jugnot) do nothing with their lives, except spending the money their father has earned hard. Tired of their behavior, he makes them believe that they are totally ruined, forcing them to do the unthinkable: work!

Stella, Philippe and Alexandre Bartek are respectively interpreted by Camille Lou, Artus and Louka Meliava. Focus on these promising young actors who will receive a good lesson in Pourris gâtés.


Her real name Camille Houssière, this musician’s daughter developed a passion for singing and playing the violin very early on. At 18, she started singing under the pseudonym Jimmie, and released a solo album called “La Grande Aventure”. It is through music, her first love, that the young woman takes her first steps as an actress, this time borrowing the name Camille Lou.

Indeed, his passion for singing led him to participate in 1789: the Lovers of the Bastille, lending his voice and his features to Olympe, forming a couple on stage with Louis Delort. Subsequently, Dove Attia chooses her again to play Guinevere in his musical The Legend of King Arthur, in 2014. From the boards to the filming studios, Camille Lou plays a nurse for the film Marché Noir by Emmanuel Fricero, and appears in Zone Franche alongside Gilles Lellouche and Jamel Debbouze.

With the Bracelets Rouges, French adaptation of a successful Spanish series, she made her arrival on the small screen as Aurora. Stepmother of a sick teenager named Thomas, his character finds himself taking care of him, while the boy’s father, played by Pascal Elbé, is absent. Over the episodes broadcast on TF1, we follow the daily life of Thomas and the other young patients of the hospital, who do not give up living their adolescence fully despite the hardships.

Spoiled rotten: who play gérard jugnot's children in this comedy?

Arnaud Borrel

Camille Lou is “Stella”

The 29-year-old young woman then illustrated herself in the historic series Le Bazar de la charité before lending her features to Florence in I promise you, French adaptation of This Is Us. In the cinema, we find her in Pourris gâtés in the role of Stella, Gérard Jugnot’s superficial daughter.

“I immediately saw the role of Stella as a challenge and at the same time I was very scared because this character is a priori the opposite of who I am. I was not very comfortable with it. what she says – and she is obnoxious -, with the way she behaves. I had a hard time letting go. I had to do a huge job of accepting the role with an exceptional coach called Arianne Schrak. I had to clear myself of Stella. When I clicked, I took great pleasure in playing her. Obviously, it’s enjoyable and attractive to be someone who isn’t you That much”, confides the actress.

Camille Lou will soon be headlining the comedy J’irai au bout de mes rêve. She will play Bianca, a young college supervisor who secretly dreams of becoming a singer. However, she does not leave the small screen and will appear in the series Les Combattantes (TF1) and J’ai menti (France 2).


Victor-Artus Solaro, known as Artus, was born in 1987 in Yvelines. He grew up in Lavérune, near Montpellier, then lived for several years in Switzerland, in Lugano in the canton of Ticino. After a professional baccalaureate in cooking, he followed the Florent courses in Paris for six months then the courses of Agnès Torres for two years.

Artus became known thanks to his appearances in On n’demande que en rire by Laurent Ruquier on France 2. He appeared in 86 sketches written and performed between September 9, 2011 and the end of the show, July 4. 2014. The following year, the comedian launches his new single stage bleeding.

In 2016, he made his film debut in the comedy C’est tout pour moi by Nawell Madani. But it is on the small window that the actor will mark the spirits. In The Bureau of Legends, Artus has been lending his features to Jonas Maury since season 3. He is a “chameleon” agent capable of adapting to all environments.

Spoiled rotten: who play gérard jugnot's children in this comedy?

Arnaud Borrel

Artus plays “Philippe”

The actor then goes on to popular comedies, from Budapest with Jonathan Cohen via Brutus VS César de Kheiron, Doctor with Michel Blanc and Le Sens de la famille with Franck Dubosc. He then gives the reply to Gérard Jugnot in Pourris gâtés, playing Philippe, the wacky offspring of Francis (Jugnot).

“I played Philippe as I felt. He is quite close to me, like most of the characters I defend. I put my paw on him, I tried anyway. is not a bad guy but an adult who remained a child, an “adulescent”, with a little naive ideas. And unfortunately his father gave him the means to realize them “, emphasizes Artus.

After Pourris gâtés, we will also see him in Si on chantait, in theaters on November 3, then in Olivier Baroux’s next film, Liar, scheduled for July 13, 2022.


The youngest of the spoiled Rotten siblings is played by Louka Meliava, who describes his character as “an armored bobo, a pseudo anarchist who wants to remake the world but who enjoys all the pleasures of life – he is a bit addicted to women – and especially daddy’s money”. Before concluding : “Anyway, he’s a little asshole taking postures.”

If Pourris gâtés is not the first cinema experience of the one who will celebrate his 29 years on November 29, he was until now often confined to supporting roles. Passionate about the 7th Art, the actor, very young, worked as an opener before entering Cours Florent in 2010. Later, in parallel with his career, he did not hesitate to continue his studies.

Between 2017 and 2019, he took courses at the École Supérieure de Comédiens en Alternance du Studio Asnières. Louka Meliava took her first steps on the big screen in 2014 by playing as one of the brothers of the heroine of Beauty and the Beast played by Léa Seydoux. A few months later, he starred in Respire by Mélanie Laurent, then the following year he found Vincent Cassel, with whom he had sympathized on the set of Christophe Gans ‘film, in Jean-François’ summer dramatic comedy. Richet, A moment of bewilderment.

Spoiled rotten: who play gérard jugnot's children in this comedy?

Arnaud Borrel

Louka performs “Alexandre”

In 2016, he obtained a more important role in Camping 3. Louka Meliava indeed lends his features to one of the three young people with whom Patrick Chirac (Franck Dubosc) goes to the Flots Bleus campsite by carpooling and with whom the hero ends up. by co-sleeping. It is on this film that the actor meets Gérard Jugnot for the first time. A beautiful bond has since been born between the two men. Louka Meliava says:

“He caught me immediately, guessed my sensitivity. He pushed me to relax, to channel my temper, my emotions, my frustrations. He managed to make me laugh when I had maybe a little. more jitters than usual and it worked. “ The one who also appeared in the cinema in Eternity (2016) and Le Mystère Henri Pick (2019), has also distinguished himself in the theater and on television, in particular in the OCS Max HP series in which he plays an arsonist interned. But also in the TF1 series Unfaithful with Claire Keim.

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