Spider-Man: Tom Holland jealous of Andrew Garfield’s costume!

According to Andrew Garfield, who recently spoke about Spider-Man, Tom Holland was jealous of the costume of the former Spider-Man performer.

Warning, spoilers. The following paragraphs reveal plot elements from Spider-Man: No Way Home.

We could give him an Oscar for his performance in the interviews Andrew Garfield gave and in which he denied being in Spider-Man: No Way Home. It is now the hour of deliverance for the actor who has confided exclusively to Variety. He is present in the third installment of the adventures of Spider-Man carried by Tom Holland and he can finally express his joy on this new experience in the skin of Peter Parker, or “Peter 3” for close friends.

His adventure in the Spider-Man costume through the two installments of The Amazing series ended badly for Andrew Garfield, who was abruptly removed from the role after negotiations between Marvel and Sony to reboot the character and include him. in the MCU as a new actor, namely Tom Holland.

Three Spider-Man

So when Andrew Garfield got the call from producers Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal, he saw an opportunity to relive a crazy experience, being a huge Spider-Man fan since he was a child, and to explore a new take on the character. with Tom Holland and Tobey Maguire, the interpreter of the superhero in Sam Raimi’s trilogy, also back:

“As a Spider-Man fan, the mere idea of ​​seeing three Spider-Man in the same shot was enough. The pitch was really enticing. They said to me: You played this character your way, while Would you like to explore if you had the chance? If you were thrown into another universe and faced with a younger you and an older you, how would you react? “

Spider-man: tom holland jealous of andrew garfield's costume!
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Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man

So Andrew Garfield got to chat with the producers about where it is as a mentor, as a fraternity, and what it’s like to be the older brother, the younger brother, and the middle brother. The actor loved the feeling and was even able to improvise a scene on the Statue of Liberty: “There is a line I improvised in the movie, watching [Maguire et Holland] and I tell them that I love them. It was just me who loved them. “

The three interpreters of Spider-Man were able to compare their different experiences on the set, especially on the costumes. And Andrew Garfield revealed that Tom Holland, who has requested a strategic zipper for most of his early days, was jealous of his more practical suit:

“The first time we were all in the costume together, it was hilarious because we were just three regular guys, three actors hanging out together. But you instantly become a fan again and you’re like, ‘Oh my god, we’re all together in the costumes and we point fingers at each other ‘ [en référence au mème des trois Spider-Man, ndlr]

Tom was jealous because I have little zippers in my costume that I can take my hands off very easily. To make his phone work, he had to use his nose because he couldn’t access his hands. “

Redemption for Andrew Garfield

Getting back with Tobey Maguire was crazy for Andrew Garfield. The two actors, who shot their scenes for two weeks, did not want a stealth cameo but rather developed and rich roles for the plot.

Spider-man: tom holland jealous of andrew garfield's costume!
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And Andrew Garfield felt that by returning to No Way Home, he had the opportunity to finally be at peace with this character, including saving MJ (Zendaya) in the final battle, which parallels Gwen’s death. Stacy (Emma Stone) whom he couldn’t save in TASM2:

“I think Tobey and I were able to get back without just saying ‘Hi! Goodbye!’ My Spider-Man was able to save his younger brother’s girlfriend and heal the wound from the most traumatic moment of his life. helping his younger brother. There is something beautiful, cosmic about making sure he didn’t suffer the same fate. It was a second chance to save Gwen. “

So coming back as Spider-Man was sort of redemption for Andrew Garfield:

“I’m just really thankful that I was able to sort out a few details for the Peter that I was playing. I love this character and I’m thankful that I got to work with these amazing actors, this amazing director and Marvel in conjunction with Sony.

It was joyful and a concluding feeling for me. There were so many unanswered questions for my Peter where we left it. I go back and heal him. And I can support Tom Holland’s Peter and honor his character by completing this trilogy, without altering or harming it. “

Spider-man: tom holland jealous of andrew garfield's costume!
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Andrew Garfield back for a sequel?

Since appearing in Spider-Man: No Way Home, Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity. So much so that fans are mobilizing for a movie The Amazing Spider-Man 3 to see the light of day. Rumors are already pointing the end of their nose as to a participation of Andrew Garfield in the costume of the Spider-Man in Morbius or in Venom 3. The actor is in any case not against a return:

“Yes, I’m definitely up for coming back if that makes any sense. Peter and Spider-Man are characters who are in the service of good and want to help as many people as possible. He’s a working class boy from Queens who knows struggle and loss and is deeply empathetic. I will have the same ethics as Peter Parker on this issue: if there is an opportunity to step back and tell more about his story, I need to be in tune with that and sure of myself. “

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