Spider-Man on Prime Video: 5 things to know about Sam Raimi’s trilogy

Spider-Man has just woven his web on the Amazon Prime Video platform. On the occasion of the release of director Sam Raimi’s trilogy, discover five anecdotes about the films devoted to the spider-man camped by Tobey Maguire.


While viewers today know Spider-Man as Tobey Maguire in the trilogy of Sam Raimi, Andrew Garfield, and more recently Tom Holland, there have been plenty of actors being considered to play the famous Marvel character in theaters. Among them, Hollywood stars like Leonardo DiCaprio and Jude Law, but also Heath Ledger, Freddie Prinze Jr. or even Wes Bentley.

James Franco had also auditioned for the role of Peter Parker before landing that of Harry Osborn in Spider-Man and its two sequels.


Several stars have invited themselves to the Spider-Man trilogy for a flash appearance. Lucy Lawless, the heroine of the TV series Xena the Warrior produced by Sam Raimi, plays a punk interviewed during a micro-sidewalk sequence in the first film.

Bruce Campbell, one of the director’s favorite actors and in particular of the Evil Dead saga, plays the wrestling presenter who finds the nickname of the superhero. He is also present in Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3 in two other quirky roles.

The unforgettable Stan Lee, co-creator of the character, obviously also lends himself to the cameo game with an appearance in Sam Raimi’s three feature films. His last is nevertheless the most striking since he even exchanges a few words with Peter Parker!

Spider-man on prime video: 5 things to know about sam raimi's trilogy

Gaumont Columbia Tristar Films


Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned in the world of superheroes. As Wolverine prepared to cross paths with Spider-Man onscreen, Hugh Jackman’s participation fell through the cracks for a… costume story!

In an interview with the Huffington Post a few years later, the Australian actor said his short appearance ultimately didn’t materialize as the production failed to get their hands on the outfit he wore in the X-Men feature film.


Interpreter of Norman Osborn, aka the Green Goblin, Willem Dafoe was determined not to do things halfway in Spider-Man. Then aged 47, he performs nearly 90% of his own stunts, even forcing the film crew to rework his costume to allow him to move more easily. In his impressive metal armor, the actor brilliantly embodies this terrifying villain so beloved by fans!


The interpreter of Peter Parker has almost given up his place in Spider-Man 2. While he had previously signed for three films, the actor injured his back during the filming of Thoroughbred, the legend of Seabiscuit. Its participation in the second part is called into question.

The film crew then turns to Jake Gyllenhaal, who even begins a physical preparation, before Tobey Maguire finally takes over the role for the two sequels. The actor is nevertheless suspected of having attempted a missed bluff to obtain a raise.

Spider-man on prime video: 5 things to know about sam raimi's trilogy

Gaumont Columbia Tristar Films

Jake Gyllenhaal still found himself in the web of Spider-Man in 2019 by playing the villainous Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Rediscover Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy now on the Prime Video platform.

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