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Spider-Man No Way Home released! If fans scramble to see Tom Holland face off against the mythical enemies of the multiverse, the experience is more immersive and enjoyable in Dolby Cinema theaters. The proof with our test session!

Spider-man no way home: what the dolby cinema experience has to offer! - news...

Even if it means traveling to see Spider-Man No Way Home, you might as well do it in the best conditions! And what better than a Dolby Cinema room for that? Nothing, and you will understand it even before you have joined your place. The entrance is through a dynamic audiovisual corridor lined with a giant screen that plunges us directly into the atmosphere of the film.

After that, you will reach your leather armchair offering absolute comfort, and in which you can stretch your legs and extend your back. In addition to this comfort, Dolby Cinema theaters deploy a tailor-made design that allows you to experience a session with the impression of being alone. You will never be bothered by your neighbors next to or in front of you, even if all the seats are occupied!

Spider-man no way home: what the dolby cinema experience has to offer! - news...

Immersion in a new dimension

Sitting or lying down comfortably, you will then be able to fully immerse yourself in the multiverse. Dolby Vision technology deploys images of rare brilliance with fascinating contrasts and colors, and a much darker black than usual. This allows you to enjoy 3D of incomparable quality with image depth without ever giving you a headache, even after 2h30 of film.

The most convincing example of the importance of 3D for Spider-Man No Way Home is certainly the scene in which Peter Parker (Tom Holland) and Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) find themselves in the Mirror Dimension. Already seen in Doctor Strange, this universe is here amplified and magnified by 3D, thus offering a moment that will remain etched in your memories for a long time.

Note that even people wearing prescription glasses are not bothered by the 3D glasses which are large and very comfortable (myopic word!)

At the heart of the action

Like this sequence, Jon Watts’ film reveals breathtaking action and special effects, as evidenced by the grand finale taking place at the top of the Statue of Liberty. Between Electro’s (Jamie Foxx) electric shocks, shovel explosions, fights and landslides, sensitive ears could be irritated.

Spider-man no way home: what the dolby cinema experience has to offer! - news...

But that’s not the case with the immersive Dolby Atmos sound technology, which delivers precise, deep and incredibly realistic sound that travels around the room in perfect sync with the action in the movie. This sound quality is also essential to make the most of the soundtrack signed Michael Giacchino and which will make you vibrate during the (many) key scenes.

In short, after seeing Spider-Man No Way Home in a Dolby room, you’ll have only one desire: to go back and never come home!

Book your Dolby Cinema screening of SPIDER-MAN NO WAY HOME by selecting the Dolby Cinema option under the “Experiences” menu of your favorite venues.

More information: www.allocine.fr/technologies/dolby-cinema/
And reserve your place on www.cinemaspathegaumont.com/intENS/dolby

* There are 10 Dolby Cinema theaters in France at Les Cinémas Pathé Gaumont. Massy (91) – Cinema Pathé Massy / Lyon (69) – Cinema Pathé Vaise / Rouen (76) – Cinema Pathé Docks 76 / Marseille (13) – Cinema Europacorp La Joliette / Nice (06) – Cinema Pathé Gare du Sud / Paris (75) – Cinema Pathé Beaugrenelle / Rennes (35) – Cinema Gaumont Rennes / Toulouse (31) – Cinema Gaumont Wilson / Tremblay-en-France (93) – Cinema Pathé Aéroville / Thiais (94) – Cinema Pathé Belle-Epine.

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