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Did you know that the French actor Pierre Niney had almost passed the casting of “Spider-Man: Homecoming” to embody the spider-man on the big screen? Focus on this funny superheroic story.

What if Pierre Niney had slipped into the Spider-Man costume? Quite unusual and unrealistic at first glance, the idea has nevertheless gained ground, the French actor having been offered a few years ago to pass the tests of Spider-Man: Homecoming! While the film is broadcast this Sunday on TF1, we come back to this funny anecdote with a Pierre Niney who explains to AlloCiné why he refused to pass the casting.

“My American agent had offered me to take tests when they were doing the reboot. Spider-Man is all my childhood, all my teenage years, I’m crazy about Spider-Man, and yet I said no “, Pierre Niney told us in 2016, then in full promotion of The Odyssey.

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“It was just tests, I would never have been taken, but I said no because my agent added:” If you are taken, you sign for five films, that means eight years of your minimum life and you can be in any Marvel franchise, they can call you and put you in any movie “, continues the actor. “So there, you’re a bit like “Ok! No, well, I’m going to do some theater and films in France again, that’s cool!”

“Now these movies are so much commercial stuff that you’re stuck long enough”, concludes Pierre Niney. “At the same time, it would make me dream, one day, of working on a big American film to see what this machine is from the inside, and at the same time we are very well off in France, we have very varied, a very beautiful cinematographic landscape. It must be said, it is necessary to fight so that it continues to exist via the intermittents and via this French culture which is really beautiful. “

If Pierre Niney had passed trials for Spider-Man: Homecoming, then he would have been in contention alongside many famous young international comedians. Among them, please, Dylan O’Brien, Daniel Radcliffe, Freddie Highmore, Donald Glover or Josh Hutcherson. In the end, the shortlist of suitors consisted of Asa Butterfield, Nat Wolff, Liam James, Timothée Chalamet and Tom Holland, the latter ultimately obtaining the coveted role of superhero.

Mcfly and Carlito / Pierre Niney: like Leaf Man, these films were born from a joke

We will conclude by indicating that Pierre Niney, who will be showing on August 4 of OSS 117: Red Alert in Black Africa, could still soon have the opportunity to rub shoulders with the super-heroic genre. The French actor has in fact recently imagined with the YouTubers McFly and Carlito a project called Leaf Man, the story of a man who is the weight of a leaf and throws himself from the top of buildings.

The Funs Facts of Pierre Niney, with Spider-Man in it:

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