Spider-Man Far From Home on CANAL +: Jake Gyllenhaal is hiding at the start of the movie, have you noticed? – Cinema News

Interpreter of Quentin Beck, alias Mysterio, in “Spider-Man Far From Home”, Jake Gyllenhaal revealed that he appeared disguised at the beginning of Jon Watts’ film, broadcast this Friday, April 9 on CANAL +. Did you see him go by?

WARNING – The article below contains spoilers on the plot of “Spider-Man Far From Home”, and in particular its central twist. So please go your way if you haven’t seen it yet.

Master of illusions to the end. These are apparently harmless photos that Jake Gyllenhaal posted on Instagram in July 2019. Until we read the legend in which the interpreter of Quentin Beck in the latest installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe says: “It’s not just a sexy daddy outfit. It’s my favorite Spider-Man Far From Home look. Take a close look #WhereSBeck”

The character embodied by the revelation of Donnie Darko therefore makes a discreet cameo, and the most observers have ended up spotting him: in Venice, when Peter sets out in search of the jewel he wants to give to MJ, just before he does. meet Hydro-Man, first of the Elementals he crosses paths with.

In retrospect, this appearance fits with the central twist of Far From Home, namely that Quentin Beck is not the hero he claims to be but a manipulator who gave birth to the giant monsters that attack in Europe through effects magic. specials. And that he was watching Spider-Man’s alter ego very closely, in order to grab the glasses of his ex-mentor Tony Stark.

But doesn’t this revelation hide something else? A clue to the fact that Mysterio is not dead for example. So be careful during the post-credits scene, when you will see the feature film broadcast this Friday, April 9 on CANAL + (and available on MyCANAL afterwards), because we are not immune to seeing this cap and this floral shirt. in front of Madison Square Garden, where the identity of Spider-Man is revealed.

“Spider-Man”: and the title of the next film is …

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