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Spider-Man No Way Home is in theaters right now, but the end of the film might suggest that Tom Holland is going to take a break or even say goodbye to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Theory.

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Everything that follows in this article SPOILE Spider-Man: No Way Home. Read on if you’ve seen the movie or don’t mind the spoilers.

Peter Parker (Tom Holland) leaving the MCU? The ending of Spider-Man: No Way Home is very open-ended, leaving a lot of questions unanswered. And among the possible interpretations, one of them is rather alarming for the fans.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Ends With Peter Renouncing: To complete a Doctor Strange spell aimed at saving Earth from the dangers of the multiverse, he accepts that everyone forgets that he is Peter Parker and Spider-Man . At the end of the film, no one recognizes him anymore, from Happy the driver of Tony Stark to his friend Ned to his girlfriend MJ.

Regarding the latter, he also gives up going to see her and try to explain to her their common past, their romantic relationship. He also moves to his own apartment, leaving the one Happy had provided for him and his aunt. On a related note, the Avengers can no longer call on him to help. What do you call Peter Parker when you don’t know he’s Spider-Man?

Technically, therefore, Peter has become a ghost which everyone ignores a priori the existence, and who finds himself isolated from everyone in an apartment where no one knows he lives. And that might not be a fluke, as Spider-Man’s movie fate is still uncertain in the long run.

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If we heard Amy Pascal, producer of the films “Spidey”, declare that a new trilogy was planned and that Kevin Feige – the mastermind of the MCU – and she still planned to collaborate, the reality is more complex. The partnership between Sony and Marvel Studios has often failed to collapse, for stories of profit distribution between the two companies.

Tom Holland hesitant

Tom Holland himself is not without contradiction as to his future as Peter Parker. He first said that he still wanted to play the superhero but in a very different way from the trilogy that just ended.

A few days later he returns on his words and declares that he will not play the role a priori beyond his 30 years (he will be 25 in 2021). He has already shown a desire to play something else, as spectators have recently seen with Cherry and Le Diable, all the time.

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Peter Parker isolated?

This end of No Way Home is therefore timely, leaving the character in a gap rather favorable to Sony. Without any attachment with his Avengers friends or his relatives (cut off from his friends, and deceased Aunt May), Parker could just bring adventures on his side, in a Marvel-Sony universe uncorrelated from the MCU. In particular, this would give her the opportunity to experience a new romance with the character of Gwen Stacy.

This impression is further reinforced by the first post-credits scene of No Way Home, which sees Tom Hardy (Venom) return to his universe (Marvel-Sony’s), announcing that he will not be making an appearance in the MCU.

Here is already an officially isolated Sony license, why not imagine that the studio is considering the same for Spider-Man version Tom holland ? In any case, all the scriptwriting ingredients are there to make this possible.

Torn between Marvel and Sony, between two “houses”, the character of Spider-Man is therefore more than ever “No Way Home”, with no way to find his home …

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