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Now that the Spider-Man trilogy starring Tom Holland has come to an end with No Way Home, what future can we imagine for the superhero? Will there be a sequel? Warning, spoilers.

Warning, spoilers. You are advised to have seen Spider-Man: No Way Home before continuing to read this article.

The last installment of the Spider-Man trilogy with Tom Holland, Spider-Man: No Way Home, concludes the superhero’s adventures in the MCU but also celebrates three generations of Spider-Man.

In this new film, still directed by Jon Watts, Peter Parker summons the magic of Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) to cause the world to forget his identity as revealed by Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal).

But the spell goes awry and opens the portal to the Multiverse to the villains of previous Spider-Man: The Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe), Doctor Octopus (Alfred Molina), The Lizard (Rhys Ifans), Electro (Jamie Foxx) and The Man. Sand (Thomas Haden Church).

These iconic Super Villains didn’t come on their own from other dimensions, they brought back with them the other famous Spider-Man performers, namely Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. The trio manage to incapacitate the bad guys and bring everyone back to their respective universes.

Except that this mayhem caused by Peter and Doctor Strange comes at a price. The space-time has taken a hit and other visitors are trying to come into Peter’s world. Only solution: that Doctor Strange cast the spell so that the whole world, even MJ (Zendaya), Ned (Jacob Batalon) and Happy (Jon Favreau), forget who Peter Parker is.

The young hero agrees to save the world and the final minutes of the film show Peter Parker alone and finding himself an apartment since May’s (Marisa Tomei) death to lead his double life, without anyone knowing him. This sad epilogue thus marks the end of the Spider-Man adventure for Tom Holland, who has reached the end of his contract.

Spider-man: after no way home, what sequels and what future for the marvel superhero? -...
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A new trilogy?

If we were going to say goodbye to Tom Holland, it might not be the case after all. Big surprise: a few weeks ago, producer Amy Pascal revealed to Fandango that a new trilogy was in preparation with the British actor:

“This isn’t the last movie we’re going to do with Marvel and it’s not the last Spider-Man. We’re getting ready to do the next Spidey with Tom Holland and Marvel. There were three movies, and now we will focus on the next three. This is not the last of our MCU films. Marvel and Sony will continue to collaborate as partners. “

Tom Holland is therefore surely preparing to negotiate his next participation in the new adventures of Spider-Man. But will he always be the hero of this future trilogy? Nothing is less certain, considering the actor has been very busy since he first donned the Spider-Man costume.

He will soon be in the skin of Nathan Drake on Uncharted, scheduled for theaters in 2022, and should not without difficulty find other projects or even devote himself to his personal life. Will that give him the chance to don the full-time Spider-Man costume? Will he really want to? The actor had told GQ that he would not play Peter Parker all his life: “If I play Spider-Man after I turn 30, it’s because I screwed up.”

Spider-man: after no way home, what sequels and what future for the marvel superhero? -...
2021 CTMG. All Rights Reserved. MARVEL and all related character names: © & amp; ™ 2021 MARVEL

A sequel in the vein of New Generation?

So what are the possibilities for this new Spider-Man trilogy? With the start of the Multiverse in No Way Home, nothing more prevents Sony and Marvel from linking Tom Holland’s Peter Parker with the other fabulous iteration of Spider-Man proposed in animation in 2018 with Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse: Into the Spider-Verse and therefore to stage Miles Morales and / or Spider-Gwen.

The new trilogy could therefore be inspired by the animated feature film and make Peter Parker, the mentor of Miles Morales. There are some clues in Spider-Man: No Way Home that suggest Sony and Marvel may be moving in this direction. When Electro is “healed” by the Peter Parker played by Andrew Garfield, he is disappointed that Spider-Man is not black and hopes there is one somewhere.

And there is one somewhere since Miles Morales is a mixed race Spider-Man with African-American and Hispanic origins. Another clue that links Peter Parker to Miles Morales is the FEAST, the homeless shelter present in Spider-Man video games, and in particular the one on Miles Morales released in 2020, the young man is also a volunteer. . This place appears in No Way Home and Aunt May works there before tragically passing away from the Green Goblin.

In memory of May, Peter might well help the refuge and meet a young Miles Morales there and pass the torch to him like in New Generation and in the video game. Will he meet him young or will we see an older Peter Parker? It will all depend on whether Marvel and Sony want to continue the plot straight after No Way Home.

The first installment of the new trilogy could perhaps simply be a kind of reboot and follow Peter Parker, who incidentally has a new costume at the end, closer to his predecessors, as in the other iterations, now alone in the game. world, become a photographer for the Daily Bugle, directed by J. Jonah Jameson (JK Simmons) and fulfill his duty as Spider-Man.

Spider-man: after no way home, what sequels and what future for the marvel superhero? -...
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What enemies to face next?

Who says new films, says new enemies. We think first of Venom. And it would not be Tom Hardy but another actor since in the first post-credits scene of No Way Home, Venom was also brought into the dimension of Tom Holland but preferred to sip a few cocktails rather than join the other villains and train the Sinister Six.

He barely had time to finish his glasses when he is sent back to his universe, not without leaving a small trace of his passage, namely a small part of the symbiote. Which character will he infect to face Spider-Man if this lead is followed by the studios?

It could be Eugene “Flash” Thompson (Tony Revolori), interviewed by the Daily Bugle as an author, student and … patriot. And it is this last nomination which is interesting since in the comics, Flash is touched by the symbiote and becomes Agent Venom then Anti-Venom, kind of patriotic soldier.

Another antagonist comes to mind: Wilson Fisk alias The Kingpin, enemy of Peter Parker and Miles Morales in the animated film and the video game. This character was reintroduced in the fifth episode of the Hawkeye series as Vincent D’Onofrio, already behind this character in the Marvel’s Daredevil series.

The demon of Hell’s Kitchen also appears in No Way Home and it is Charlie Cox who takes over his role. Kevin Feige, the boss of Marvel Studios, having ruled that Daredevil was now integrated into the MCU, we can consider an alliance between Spider-Man and Daredevil to fight The Kingpin.

Spider-man: after no way home, what sequels and what future for the marvel superhero? -...
2021 CTMG. All Rights Reserved. MARVEL and all related character names: © & amp; ™ 2021 MARVEL

An exit from the MCU?

Another possibility, a new contract of Tom Holland with Sony could well exclude this Spider-Man from the MCU. As no one knows him anymore, neither MJ, nor Ned, nor the Avengers, Peter Parker could evolve on his side and be confronted with the villains of Sony, such as Venom (of Tom Hardy this time), of which a third film is in preparation. , or Morbius (Jared Leto), whose film will be released in 2022.

It is still too early to know the future of Spider-Man in the MCU but with the advent of the Multiverse, all the possibilities, all as enticing as the others, are to be considered. If we are to believe the expectations and desires of Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal, Tom Holland has the cards in his hands.

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