Spider-Man: after Morbius and Venom, which Marvel villain will have his solo film? – Cinema news

After “Morbius” and two opuses of “Venom”, Sony does not intend to put an end to its saga centered on the enemies of Spider-Man. The next movie is already in the works, and it will revolve around the fearsome Kraven the Hunter.

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On the side of Sony, an adversary of Spider-Man hunts the other. Literally here. While Venom has already done two laps and is preparing to pass the third, and the vampire Morbius has bitten its first viewers in world theaters, another villain is currently sharpening his weapons to make his cinematic debut: the fearsome Kraven .


Currently in production, the feature film is expected in theaters on January 18, 2023. And the identity of its director is surprising to say the least, since it is JC Chandor, to whom we owe Margin Call, All is Lost or A Most Violent Year. So a filmmaker that we would not think to associate with the universe of superheroes.


The official synopsis has not yet been released. But everything suggests that, as for Venom and Morbius, it will be a origin story. That of Sergei Kravinoff, alias Kraven the Hunter, who appeared for the first time in issue 15 of “The Amazing Spider-Man”in August 1964.

Born of Russian parents, the young man leaves his native country when he accuses his father of having betrayed his mother’s love by remarrying after her death. He thus crossed Europe, Asia and Africa where, living only from hunting and grass, he began to make a reputation for himself. And becomes even more relentless the day a wizard gives him a potion that increases his strength, speed and senses.

Spider-man: after morbius and venom, which marvel villain will have his solo film? - cinema news

Kraven in the comic books

Contacted by one of his best friends, who calls himself the Chameleon, he travels to New York to help him defeat Spider-Man, wearing a costume made of animal skins. If the feature film is faithful to the Marvel comic books, here is what it should tell… without the Spider-Man who, according to the latest news, should still not appear in this saga.


After Kick-Ass and Quicksilver (that of Avengers 2), Aaron Taylor-Johnson offers himself a third superhero. Or rather a villain, in the person of Kraven, to whom he will lend his musculature and his charisma. Also expected in the cast of Thor – Love and Thunder, where he will play Zeus, Russell Crowe will also continue his exploration of the Marvel catalog in a role still kept secret. But one can wonder if he will not play the father of the main character.

Spider-man: after morbius and venom, which marvel villain will have his solo film? - cinema news
Warner Bros. Pictures

Aaron Taylor-Johnson in “Tenet”

Mentioned a few lines above, the Chameleon will be present in the guise of Fred Hechinger (Fear Street, Pam & Tommy), while the Oscar-winning revelation of West Side Story, Ariana DeBose, will be the evil Calypso, lover of Kraven in the comic books . The mercenary Foreigner is also on the program of the festivities, played by Christopher Abbott (It Comes at Night, First Man), while Alessandro Nivola will be the villain of the story.

Like Venom and Morbius, Kraven will obviously be more of an anti-hero than a true villain, as another antagonist, more devious than him, will stand in his way. It is therefore obviously not this time that we will have a feature film in which it is Spider-Man who is seen as the main enemy, thanks to a game of points of view.


Not quite. But his silhouette was visible during the finale of Spider-Man No Way Home: when Doctor Strange struggles to control the tearing reality, we can distinguish a few characters who are just waiting to land in their universe. Including Rhino and a massive form that seems to be dressed in animal skins. Kraven therefore, therefore the solo film project was already formalized at the time.

Spider-man: after morbius and venom, which marvel villain will have his solo film? - cinema news

Kraven’s “Cameo” in “Spider-Man No Way Home”

The most observant will also have noted that there is mention of the Chameleon in Morbius: when Jared Leto reads the Daily Bugle, a title at the top right of the front page speaks of the character’s great escape. A way of linking the anti-heroes of this saga (Venom is also quoted at the turn of a dialogue) and of teasing the sequel, while Kraven could well be part of the Sinister Six, if we trust the post-credits scene from Daniel Espinosa’s film.

“Morbius” has been in theaters since March 30:

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