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While TMC “Spider-Man Far From Home” this Monday, August 29, the time has come to take stock of the next MCU film dedicated to the hero.

Until the release of No Way Home, Spider-Man Far From Home was the biggest success for a feature film featuring Spider-Man, from the top of its 1,131,927,996 dollars collected worldwide during the summer of 2019. While TMC broadcasts the film this Monday, August 29 and that the first trilogy worn by Tom Holland ended last December, here’s what we know about the rest of his adventures in the MCU.


“I don’t know the answer to this question” : asked about the subject as part of an interview with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, organized by Deadline, Tom Holland obviously kicked in touch, in line with his previous statements. And nothing has changed since. While Marvel and Sony have announced that they are working hand in hand on the next Spider-Man trilogy, the current interpreter of Peter Parker declares one day that he wants to play him as long as he can, then, the next day, that he won’t do it all his life.

A way of blowing hot and cold which hides, of course, a renegotiation of the contract, as well as a desire to ensure that the story will deserve to slip into the costume again. And if Tom Holland chose to step down, it would be an opportunity to introduce Miles Morales and put him front and center in a live-action film. Which would not prevent Peter Parker from appearing from time to time.

Anyway, the end of No Way Home can be seen as much as the conclusion of Tom Holland’s adventure as the beginning of a new chapter. A way for Marvel and Sony to deal with any eventuality and not be caught off guard if the actor were to hang up the costume.


First director of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to have initiated and completed a trilogy (before Peyton Reed and james gunn don’t do the same with Ant Man and Guardians of the Galaxy respectively), Jon Watts will he be back behind the camera for a fourth film? Although decried for his lack of vision, the director has the advantage of not making waves. And he is now free from any superheroic project.

Once attached to the Fantastic 4 reboot, the director finally threw in the towel on April 29, claiming a desire to move away from the world of superheroes to return to the independent circuit, in which he was revealed. It would therefore be surprising to find him at Marvel anytime soon, especially since he has since been put in charge of a star wars series.

That being said, the next Spider-Man is unlikely to be released before 2024 or 2025, since he is not part of the long list announced by Kevin Feige during San Diego Comic-Con. This would give him time to recharge his batteries before diving back.


And of Jacob Batallon ? At the end of Spider-Man No Way Home, neither MJ nor Ned recognize Peter Parker, the latter having consented to disappear from their memory to repair his mistakes and the multiverse with it. Here again, the story could end there (which would be a bit cruel, let’s face it) and allow the actors not to return, especially since Zendaya certainly not lacking in solicitations. And this even if Tom Holland put the cover elsewhere, because it would open the door to the introduction of the Gwen Stacy of this universe.

But everything suggests that the actors will be linked to each other, and that the return of one will allow the trio to reform. The same goes for Scorpio (Michael Mando) and the Vulture (Michael Keaton), who also had to forget the true identity of Spider-Man at the end of No Way Home: if the mandate of Tom Holland were to end, it is not certain that they will re-enlist too.

Spider-man 4: tom holland back in a sequel? - cinema news
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Is this the end of the trio Peter, MJ, Ned?

Right now, with Spider-Man No Way Home ending its run as the sixth-highest-grossing player of all time worldwide, the biggest vagueness reigns around the sequel to the adventures of Spider-Man. in the MCU. And maybe Marvel and Sony will take advantage of the future animated series destined for Disney+ to give yourself some time.

Because it seems difficult to imagine that the next film will follow the rhythm of the previous ones, released two years apart, since that would mean that filming should start by the end of 2022. So in a few weeks, while it there was absolutely no announcement about it. Even if the D23, scheduled between September 9 and 11, may give us news of the Weaver.

In the meantime, it’s an animated version of Spider-Man which will shine on our screens from May 31, 2023, in the after of new generation. Miles Morales will always be the hero of this two-part story that will see him face Spider-Man 2099 (voiced by Oscar Isaac in VO) in a multitude of alternate realities which, we are promised, will each have a distinct graphic style. Visual shock in perspective?

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