Spider-Man 3: we decipher the 1st post-credits scene of No Way Home

What happens in the first post-credits scene of “Spider-Man No Way Home”? And what should we understand? We take stock, obviously with big spoilers.

WARNING – The article below contains spoilers for “Spider-Man No Way Home”, as it returns to its first post-credits scene. So please go your way if you haven’t seen the film yet and don’t want to know anything.

What would a Marvel movie be without a post-credits scene? Besides Avengers Endgame, each installment of the MCU contains one or two bonuses (or more in the case of Guardians of the Galaxy 2) intended to tease the sequel. Although distributed by Sony, as part of an agreement with Disney for the common use of the superhero, the Spider-Man worn by Tom Holland are no exception.

After the meeting between the Vulture (Michael Keaton) and the potential Scorpion (Michael Mando) in Homecoming, then the revelation by Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) of the double-identity of Peter Parker in Far From Home, it is another villain who is illustrated in the first additional scene of No Way Home.


At the end of Venom 2, released in October, Eddie Brock and his symbiotic friend were mysteriously propelled from their world to that of Spider-Man played by Tom Holland, as his identity was revealed on television. We therefore find the character played by Tom Hardy in this first post-credits scene, in a bar, recapitulating what he has learned about the heroes of this world. Including Iron Man.

As Venom makes his voice heard and his obsessions with chaos haven’t changed, Eddie doesn’t even have time to plan anything as he and his alter ego disappear. Not without leaving a little gift behind them: a symbiote extract, which asks only to find a new host.


That the face-to-face between Tom Holland and Tom Hardy may not take place. Or not right away. If the end of Venom 2 could suggest that Eddie Brock would be added to the list of villains of No Way Home, the post-credits scene of Jon Watts’ film goes in the opposite direction.

Like the other antagonists of the story (Doctor Octopus, the Green Goblin, Electro …), the character was sent back to his universe thanks to the fate with which Doctor Strange closed the doors of the multiverse that he himself had opened, in order to limit the damage and other paradoxes.

While there was no clear explanation as to why he arrived (does this relate to the end of Loki Season 1?), Venom has already left home. But Marvel does not exclude, for all that, to confront him with Spider-Man, thanks to the piece of symbiote left behind him. If there is a confrontation, Tom Holland will undoubtedly not be confronted with Tom Hardy but with another actor. Perhaps the interpreter of Eddie Brock from the world of Peter Parker.

Spider-man 3: we decipher the 1st post-credits scene of no way home
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Who could succeed Tom Hardy in Venom?

This of course remains to be confirmed, as things can change dramatically now that the word “multiverse” has been put on the table by Marvel and Disney, with the help of Sony. But we can be surprised to see the possibility of a face-to-face between Tom Hardy and his compatriot Tom Holland move away in this way, while the studios could have taken advantage of their respective notoriety to orchestrate a duel at the top. .

But since a Venom 3 is in development, like a new Spider-Man trilogy, it is not impossible that a scripted sleight of hand will allow Spider-Man and this version of the symbiote to meet on the big screen. Who knows ?

Will Tom Hardy appear in “Morbius”, set in the same universe? Answer January 26!

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