Spider-Man 3: The Electro Villain Returns … With The Same Actor?

Incarnated by Jamie Foxx in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”, the villainous Electro should make his return in the “Spider-Man 3” still worn by Tom Holland, with a performer to say the least surprising: Jamie Foxx himself.

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It was found even more surprising than the ultimate sleight of hand performed by Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal), who managed to trap Spider-Man and reveal his true identity to the rest of the world at the end of Far From Home: according to The Hollywood Reporter, Electro will be one of the villains of Spider-Man 3 led by Tom Holland, and he will be played by Jamie Foxx… who already played the role of this character able to manipulate electricity in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in 2014. Either the film whose relatively disappointing box office ($ 709 million in revenue worldwide, while the billion was targeted) had buried the sequels and the Sinister Six spin-off planned by Sony, and favored its merger with Disney for the integration of the superhero into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

At the moment, the deal is not official as Jamie Foxx and the producers are in the final stages of negotiations. But this choice raises several questions and in particular this one: is it the confirmation of a multiverse bringing together all the Spider-Man sagas between them? Because the next opus will count, in its cast, a member of the trilogy of Sam Raimi (JK Simmons under the features of J. Jonah Jameson) and another of the diptych of Marc Webb. Especially since the next adventure of Doctor Strange, which will start filming shortly (under the direction of Sam Raimi precisely), will be entitled “In The Multiverse of Madness”, which suggests that the realization of this option is near.

But Disney and Sony could also choose to act as if nothing had happened and just give Electro a second chance, with a fresh take and a new look. In the same way as what should be done with the J. Jonah Jameson appeared in the last seconds of Far From Home: the performer is the same from one saga to another without these being linked to each other , as with Judi Dench in M ​​in the James Bond worn by Pierce Brosnan, then those of Daniel Craig, which nevertheless returned to the sources of the franchise. For the moment, all this is a little vague, it must be admitted. But maybe more details will shed some light between now and the start of filming, which could take place before the end of the year under the direction of Jon Watts, in the best case, with a view to a French release on December 15, 2021.

Electro’s first steps on the big screen facing Spider-Man:

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