Spider-Man 2 is Coming in 2023, and It’s Bringing Venom

Spider-man 2 is coming in 2023, and it's bringing venom

Spider-Man 2 was revealed at today’s PlayStation showcase. A quick trailer gave us a few key details about the project, including a 2023 release date and the revelation that Venom will be a villain in the title.

No gameplay was shown, but a slick trailer showed both Peter Parker and Miles Morales fighting down a dark alley. After taking on several smaller enemies, they confront something dark from the shadows. At the end of the trailer, it’s revealed that Venom will play a role in the game, possibly as its main villain. Two characters could mean a potential co-op mode for the game.

Little else is known about the project at this time. The game will not be coming until 2023, but Sony and Insomniac will certainly show additional footage down the road.

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