Try These Awesome Spanish Street Foods That Are A Perfect Reflection Of Its Cuisine

Spain is an idyllic Mediterranean country popular with hitchhikers and travelers dreaming of a Eurotrip. As far as culture goes, cities like Madrid and Barcelona are far ahead of the Spanish language. The countryside and beaches are heaven for those looking for peace. However, all things considered, what may be the most appealing thing on your stay in Spain is the unique and delicious food it offers. Although it may be worthwhile to try traditional Spanish dishes in good restaurants, spanish street food Has a reputation of its own. Read on to learn more about the best street food dishes you should make time to try in Spain:

10 must-try street foods in Spain

Without further ado, let us introduce you to some of the most popular types of street food that you can eat during your holidays in Spain.

1. Bocadillo



This is a Spanish lunch sandwich, known for its typical Spanish bread that is slightly sweet, and the cut lengthwise makes it a little harder to handle. You’ll find bocadillo Spanish street food in most tapas bars and restaurants, and you’ll also find Spanish people eating this delicious sandwich for lunch. Most seasonings include mustard, tomato sauce or just mayonnaise. And the best part is that almost everything tastes good with it, so choose between beer, wine or for that matter, coffee, it will be great too.

Where to try: Pearlin Min, Barcelona

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2. Patatas Bravas

Spicy PotatoesSpicy Potatoes


Disclaimer 2: The image is for representational purposes only.

A very Spanish thing, patatas bravas are Spain’s answer to potato fries. Very irregularly shaped potatoes, very deep fried and with all kinds of spicy sauces, you find it served as tapas in most bars in Spain. For one, they are not very expensive and are good for satisfying hunger pangs. This simple street food is ubiquitous in Spain and if you’re visiting, you should definitely try it!

Where to try: Tomas Bar, Barcelona

3. Churros



Churros are quite popular around the world, but you might be surprised to learn that they’re originally a Spanish export. Although it is no longer a new thing for tourists, considering how popular churros are everywhere (especially the US), one thing that street shops in Spain do is melt churros into an already delicious dish. Adding chocolate. One could say that eating authentic churros on the streets of Spanish cities is a very different experience.

Where to try: Old Churreria, Madrid

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4. Jamon Iberico

Jamon IbericoJamon Iberico


Jamon Iberico is a special type of ham made from pork. The novelty is that the pork comes from the famous Iberian black pig which is found only in Spain and is famous for its delicious meat. While you can find jamón ibérico at a variety of food stalls on the streets of Spain, you’ll also find plenty of people putting jamón ibérico in their bocadillos. Talk about an explosion of flavor!

Where to try: Jamon Iberico Market, Madrid

5. Paella



Paella is quite popular around the world, and you’ll find them in London, New York and Hong Kong as a replacement for Spanish street food. However, it is very hard to find really good paella outside of Spain, so you should take the opportunity to seek out some very good paella. Venetian-style paella is a tourist attraction in itself and is usually served with rabbit meat as well as chicken. Seafood paella is also popular, especially near the Mediterranean coast. You can find paella served for lunch and dinner everywhere in Spain.

Where to try: Alias ​​House, Alicante

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6. Pinchitos



This is the Spanish version of the famous kebab. The sliced ​​meat is usually lamb or chicken, and the delicious snack is served in all types of tapas bars throughout Spain, cooked in the traditional manner over a charcoal brazier. Served very hot and spicy, these delicious pieces of meat are usually marinated in olive oil as well as herbs and spices. Pinchitos Spanish street food are easy to find on the streets of Spain, but you might be surprised to know that they are also extremely popular in Venezuela, where they are usually served with rice.

Where to try: mermaid, madrid

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7. Chorizo



Chorizos are a type of sausage that has been fermented, smoked and cured, available throughout Europe. However, what makes Spanish chorizos different is their distinctive red color as well as the smokiness, which comes from the addition of paprika, a Spanish spice made by dried and smoked red peppers. Chorizo ​​is commonly eaten with sandwiches, or simmered in liquids (the popular one being apple cider) and is considered among the best street foods in Spain. While chorizo ​​are gaining popularity elsewhere, the best place to find them in Europe is the streets of Spain.

Where to try: Bocadela Tapas, Valencia

8. Spanish Tortilla

Spanish TortillaSpanish Tortilla


This Spanish street food is quite new to travelers who visit, and is basically like an omelette but made in a certain way. Tortilla Española made in olive oil consists of potatoes, mozzarella cheese and of course eggs. The perfect snack, it can be found in tapas bars everywhere in Spain. Remember, tortilla española is nothing like the tortilla flatbread popular in Mexican cuisine. The thickness and texture of the omelet will vary depending on where you are.

Where to try: Meson de la Tortilla, Madrid

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9. Empanada



Empanada is one of the traditional Spanish foods. Basically, a thick savory dough that is folded with a variety of fillings and then baked, your empanada will have all kinds of different cheeses, fruits, vegetables (potatoes are quite popular) as well as minced meat. Is involved. Empanada is quite common in Mexican as well as other Latin American cuisines, but the Spanish empanada is in a class of its own. The dish originated in the Spanish region of Galicia, first mentioned in a cookbook dating back to the 1500s. You can find these in all restaurants in Spanish cities.

Where to try: Factory, Barcelona

10. Shrimp Tortillas

Shrimp FrittersShrimp Fritters


Originating from the Cadiz province of Andalusia, Spanish shrimp dumplings are one of a kind. The batter usually contains chickpea as well as wheat flour, shrimp and parsley as well as water and onion. Deep-fried with copious amounts of olive oil on both sides, these meals are best eaten in Mediterranean regions. The particular variety of shrimp that has popularized this street food is Cameroonian, hence the name. Seafood lovers must try it, and if you are in Spain, it is one of those delicious dishes that you eat a lot of.

Where to try: Ramon Freixa, Madrid

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These dishes, representing the heart of Spanish street food, are as much an expression of culture and lifestyle as historic buildings or museum exhibits. If you’re traveling to Spain, you’ll want to make sure you have enough time to try all of these dishes and more. So don’t delay and book your tickets to dreamland Spain by contacting Daily Hind News today!

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