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The Sevilla players wear Jennifer Hermoso support shirts.
The Sevilla players wear Jennifer Hermoso support shirts.Julio Munoz (EFE)

The third day of LaLiga opened at the Nuevo Mirandilla stadium in Cádiz, the team that faced Almería in the Andalusian regional derby. The first of the 20 that must be played in this course and that opened with a clear gesture from Cádiz. Its players jumped onto the pitch with a banner that read “We are all Jenni”. An obvious gesture of support from the first team of the Andalusian club to his partner Jennifer Hermoso. While the banner was unfurled on the pitch in the protocol acts prior to the start of the match, the Andalusian stadium erupted almost unanimously in a cry of “Rubiales resignation” after reciting the Andalusian team’s anthem in chorus.

In the stands of the Andalusian stadium, which was attended by 18,653 spectators in a grand entrance, numerous banners supporting Hermoso could also be seen. “Jenni, we are with you”, could be read in some of them. The Cádiz fans were very clear in expressing their support for Jennifer Hermoso in her dispute with Luis Rubiales, suspended president of the Spanish Federation. Cádiz, moreover, as an institution, was one of the first to position itself against Rubiales’ behavior since the Spanish team won the world title last Sunday. Cádiz, of course, did not attend the federation assembly. The personal relationship between the president of Cádiz, Manuel Vizcaíno, and Rubiales, was non-existent. The Andalusian derby ended with a tie at one goal.

Sánchez Pizjuán lived a most exciting double episode in Seville-Girona that closed the day on Saturday. On the one hand, the club paid tribute to Olga Carmona, a former Sevilla player, currently at Real Madrid, and world champion; and, on the other, his players jumped onto the pitch with a shirt that read: “It’s over.” It was the motto exposed on social networks by Alexia Putellas in support of Jennifer Hermoso. At the same time, the stands exploded. “Rubiales resignation and corruption in the Federation”, was heard.

The one who did not bite his tongue was José María del Nido Benavente, vice president of the Andalusian entity. “Sevilla’s position is clear. Totally reprehensible conduct by Rubiales, who does not represent football or society. His explanations were a joke. His behavior is shameful and the problem is that he doesn’t realize it. He was embarrassing ”, declared the leader of the Andalusian team to the microphones of Movistar.

The popular support received by Jennifer Hermoso also had its correspondence throughout the day with the intervention of coaches such as Ernesto Valverde, from Athletic Club. “Rubiales has engaged in inappropriate and inappropriate conduct,” she admitted. “The president of the federation must bear the consequences, I don’t know to what extent,” she added.

“I would like to give my opinion on the situation of the federation and the players. First of all, I want to give all my unconditional support to Jenni and to the women’s soccer players for what they are going through,” said Xavi Hernández, Barcelona coach before question time at the press conference prior to his team’s clash against the Villarreal today (5:30 p.m.). “Secondly, I want to condemn the conduct of the president of the federation, which seems unacceptable to me,” added the coach of the current League champion.

José Ángel Ziganda, coach of Huesca, from the Second Division, also supported Jennifer Hermoso. The Navarrese coach thanked the Huesca club for the statement and assured that “we are saddened by the bottom and the form after the unfortunate spectacle. It would be consistent for Rubiales to step aside.”

Already last Friday, two other Andalusian First Division teams, Betis and Sevilla, issued separate statements in which they showed their total rejection of the conduct of the president of the federation. In the same way, they offered their full support to Jennifer Hermoso.

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