Space Sweepers on Netflix: what is this South Korean space opera?

Available on Netflix, Space Sweepers is an entertaining South Korean blockbuster that should appeal to space opera fans young and old.


2092. After successfully retrieving a space shuttle during their last debris hunt, the Victory crew discovers a 7-year-old girl inside. Realizing that she is the human robot wanted by the UTS space guards, they decide to demand a ransom …

Space cleaners

Available on Netflix, Space Sweepers is an ambitious South Korean film that ventures into the space opera genre. While the big blockbusters are slow to return to theaters due to the pandemic, the American platform offers a Korean production calibrated to entertain the whole family with colossal means and impressive sequences. Initially planned for theaters, this film with a budget of $ 21 million, shot from July to November 2019, finally landed on Netflix after having seen its theatrical release shifted several times. Written and directed by Jo Sung-hee, Space Sweepers situates its plot in 2092 in a world where Space has become a dumping ground while the Earth, ravaged by catastrophes, is almost unlivable.

Sullivan (Richard Armitage), a billionaire with dubious intentions, took the opportunity to create a habitable environment in Space only for the haves by making it seem like research to save humanity. To survive, some destitute individuals clean up the space of the debris therein in the hope of earning a little money. One day, while on a clean-up mission, the crew of the Victory ship discovers Dorothy (Park Ye-Rin), a little girl hidden in their ship. These space adventurers reminiscent of The Guardians of the Galaxy see the opportunity to ask for a ransom but quickly discover that she is a dangerous humanoid sought by the space guards and that their lives are now in danger …

Space sweepers on netflix: what is this south korean space opera?


In addition to an upsurge in special effects and effective space action scenes that make it a great show that will blow your mind, Space Sweepers is a true homage to the classics of the genre, Star Wars in the lead, with a read modern and anchored in our society. Our heroes, initially motivated solely by the greed and their survival, will raise a real rebellion and engage in a gripping space struggle. Although this blockbuster is a South Korean production, the international cast brings a special flavor to Space Sweepers which skillfully communicates its characters from various origins thanks to a tool that instantly translates the words of its interlocutors.

We thus find in the cast Song Joong-ki (A Werewolf Boy), Kim Tae-ri (Mademoiselle de Park Chan-wook), Jin Seon-kyu (The Outlaws), Yoo Hai-jin who lends his voice to the friendly robot, Jin Seon-kyu (Kingdom) and Joey Albright (Peninsula), among others. If Space Sweepers goes the extra mile on the atmosphere and the staging, the film does not forget to be funny and moving thanks to its gallery of extremely sympathetic and endearing characters. This blockbuster does not avoid certain lengths but manages to impress and should establish itself as popular family entertainment on the platform.

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