Space Jam 2: meeting with Gérard Surugue, French voice of Bugs Bunny

Space Jam 2: meeting with Gérard Surugue, French voice of Bugs Bunny. As a great admirer of French dubbing, he devotes a cult to French VF, especially that of the 80s and 90s. Back to the future, Indiana Jones, The Mask, Pulp Fiction or Sister Act … it’s VF or nothing!

Meet Gérard Surugue, French voice of Bugs Bunny for 26 years! At 75 spring, the comedian still lends his stamp to the craziest rabbit in the Looney Tunes universe. Meet this passionate artist.

Since Space Jam, the first of its name, released in 1997, Gérard Surugue has lent his voice to the craziest rabbit on the planet, Bugs Bunny.

We had the chance to meet this whimsical 75-year-old actor in the legendary Dubbing Brothers studios in Saint Denis. (see the video above)

Gérard Surugue evokes this emblematic character of Looney Tunes, excited as a child at the idea of ​​finding Bugs in Space Jam Nouvelle Ere.

A seasoned actor, he has been doubling the leporidae for nearly 30 years. But his career does not stop with the little bunny. We have heard his stamp in many Disney (Mulan, Finding Nemo, Zootopia, Coco …) and many cult films and series. (Steve Schirripa’s voice in The Sopranos, it’s him!)

Space jam 2: meeting with gérard surugue, french voice of bugs bunny
Space jam 2 warner – gérard surugue alias bugs bunny

The actor loves animated animals. In addition to Bugs Bunny, he is also the French voice of Garfield since 2008. He also lends his voice to Joe Dalton in The New Adventures of Lucky Luke. The artist is also known for voicing Richard Kind from Spin City.

Find Gérard Surugue in Space Jam Nouvelle Ere, currently in theaters.

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