Soulmates on Amazon Prime Video: what is this series in the tradition of Black Mirror?

Amazon Prime Video is now uploading Soulmates, a 6-episode anthology that questions romantic relationships.

Soulmates on Amazon Prime Video what is this series in

What is it about ?

Anthology series whose action takes place 15 years later. Technology has taken a prominent place in our daily lives and a test can determine who your soul mate is. Each episode portrays a person in search of love and the consequences in his life of such a test.

Love, for better or for worse

Osmosis, Black Mirror (in his episode Hang The DJ) and now Soulmates. All of his series have each tackled the same subject in their own way: how can the technology of the future help us find love. In the case of the Netflix series, it’s thanks to micro-robots implanted in the brain, where Black Mirror invented an AI that collected information to find you the perfect match. At Soulmates, you just need to take a test.

Once past this assumption, the series puts aside the technological aspect to focus on the human. The style is slow, sometimes contemplative, and the camera alternates between handheld shots and still shots. A way of focusing on the emotion of its characters in order to create empathy in the spectator. The 6 episodes that make up season 1 ask relevant questions: does finding a soul mate mean you become a better person? Can love solve all problems? Does finding the man / woman of your life mean that you can’t love another person? Does finding love have to do with fate… or luck? If Soulmates do not provide all the answers, it has the merit of inviting discussion and dialogue.

The creators William Bridges and Brett Goldstein made the wise choice of the anthology with a different cast and story in each episode. “We weren’t interested in following a single couple over a whole season, when you can talk about so many stories. We really wanted to be inclusive with a large panel ”they said in this interview with Syfy. The series is based on a solid cast made up of actors more or less known such as Charlie Heaton (Stranger Things), Bill Skarsgard, Malin Akerman or Kingsley Ben-Adir.

Soulmates Season 1 is available today on Amazon Prime Video (who purchased it). A season 2 has already been ordered by AMC.