Soul will also be available on Disney + in France

This morning we announced that Disney had decided to launch Soul, the new Pixar studios film, directly on Disney +, on December 25. The French branch of the studio confirms that it will be the same for France.

Another clap of thunder in the already stormy sky of the cinema. Soul, the latest addition to Pixar studios, announced in theaters on November 25, will finally be available in December directly on Disney +, also in France.

Soul: like Mulan, the Pixar movie will be released direct on Disney + in the United States

The French branch of the studio has indeed just confirmed the information specifying that Pete Docter’s feature film and Kemp Powers, will be available on the platform “in all countries where it has been launched”. Soul will therefore be available from December 25 on Disney +.

The Pixar film follows Niki Caro’s Mulan path. Supposed to be released in theaters in March, the live-action feature film finally aired on Disney + on September 4 in the United States (priced at $ 29.9) and will be available on December 4 (at no additional cost). in France. As of September 18, the film on the Chinese legend had already brought in more than $ 261 million in revenue on the American platform …

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