Soul on Disney +: Omar Sy and Camille Cottin are the French voices of the new Pixar

Disney has just announced the French voices of the animated film Soul via a new trailer. The Pete Docter and Kemp Powers feature film will be available on Disney + starting December 25.

Disney has just unveiled the French trailer for Soul, the latest from Pixar studios, available on Disney + from December 25. Thus, Omar Sy lends his voice to Joe Gardner, a New York music teacher passionate about jazz, who, following a misstep, finds himself in the “Grand Avant “- a fantastic place where new souls acquire their personality, character and uniqueness before being sent to Earth. In the original version it is Jamie Foxx who plays the hero. He is the first black actor to dub the main character in a Pixar film.

Omar Sy is used to dubbing since he is already in the vocal cast of a dozen animated films including the two feature films inspired by the game Angry Birds (Red), Norm (the Norm bear), Sahara (Ajar) or Mune, the Guardian of the Moon (Sohione).

The sparkling Camille Cottin (Ten percent), for her part, lends her voice at 22, a mischievous and witty soul, who has never grasped the interest of living a human life. The French actress has already lent herself to the exercise of dubbing in 2016 for Ballerina and this year for Petit Vampire by Joann Sfar. Tina Fey is the original voice of this character who will quickly become Joe’s student.

Ramzy Bedia, for his part, brings his boundless energy to Vendelune (Graham Norton in vo), a character who following a sudden awareness, now seeks to find happiness. The actor, seen recently in the series La Flamme and in the comedy of Kheiron Brutus vs César, has already participated in the dubbing of Gang de requins (2004), Vaillant, pigeon de combat (2005), Cinderella and the Prince (not too much) charming (2007) and Sahara (2017) with Omar Sy.

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