Soprano, to life, to death on Disney +: “a story of friendship, France, music…” -…

This Wednesday, June 15, Disney + lifts the veil on the history and career of one of the most popular artists of his generation in Soprano, à la vie, à la mort. Meeting with the three directors of this documentary series event!

Available in full on the platform Disney+the documentary series Soprano, to life, to death invites spectators to discover the journey of this popular artist, whose real name is Saïd M’Roumbaba, who has made a place for himself in the hearts of the French over the years. And who better to tell it than his childhood friends and lifelong friends Mateo, Djamali and Mej?

The three directors of the series, Celine Jallet, Anthony Igoulen and Yoan Zerbitconfided in our microphone about this experience.

AlloCiné: Why did it seem important to you to tell the story of Soprano to the public? Why him ?

Celine Jallet: Soprano, he is an artist who has a crazy popularity. There he will fill stadiums, several stadiums even. Then, there are few artists like him humanly, that’s what made me want to work with him. Having rubbed shoulders with many personalities, he is quite unique.

Soprano, to life, to death on disney +: “a story of friendship, france, music…” -...

He is a person who is very normal, very simple. Everything behind his story, by digging, by investigating, it tells more than just the artist. We didn’t want to make a fan doc, we didn’t want to tell the story of Soprano, we wanted to tell the story of Saïd and his childhood friends.

Yoan Zerbit: The parallel between his personal story, his story of friendship and his career is obvious. This desire to tell a social history of France, a history of rap, was even more exciting. I am also convinced that taking an interest in popular artists always says a lot about our society. The popular artist, he is not popular for nothing.

Anthony Igoulen: For us it was almost the game of deconstructing this image that he has to try to understand who he was and why, to go further and put aside the singer to know who is the human, who is the young who has progressed, how has he progressed in his life, his encounters. The music, the rap, it was a great backdrop.

Soprano, to life, to death on disney +: “a story of friendship, france, music…” -...

Soprano, we know him as this luminous, very joyful person, and yet you managed to make this documentary also very moving. How did you get Saïd and his friends Mej, Mateo and Djamali to talk about subjects that are sometimes very difficult to discuss?

Celine Jallet: Soprano was the most difficult to interview because he’s been in front of the cameras and answering interviews for 25 years, so he knows what to say, what not to say. Even though we know each other and he trusted me, he paid attention to everything. Whereas the other three, they are virgins of all that, so they also spoke a lot for him and it was great.

Moreover, in this series, we really interviewed ordinary people, we have the first landlord who rents their premises to them, his school mistress… We didn’t want to make a panel of all the stars who rub shoulders with Soprano. No, we wanted real people, real Marseillais, real faces… In the end, we’re happy with that when we watch the series today: it depicts Marseille through the portraits and the people who confide.

Soprano, to life, to death on disney +: “a story of friendship, france, music…” -...

What would you say to someone who is not a fan of Soprano to make them want to discover this series?

Celine Jallet: This series, fans will watch it, but it is made for those who do not know it. We don’t tell the story of Soprano, we tell the story of Saïd, of four friends, and that can speak to everyone. When we showed it around us, people told me “Ah yes Mej, I love him!”. Everyone is attached to a character, everyone can even find themselves in a character or find one of their friends, it’s universal and precisely it’s not dedicated to fans.

Yoan Zerbit: This is the peculiarity of Disney. Obviously there are many more French people who will see the series, but it will still be broadcast around the world so it had to be universal.

Soprano, to life, to death on disney +: “a story of friendship, france, music…” -...

This series is above all a story of friendship. And you three, why did you want to work together?

Celine Jallet: We all knew each other from near or far. It is also our producer Nicolas Valode’s desire to create real complementary teams, and we all have a very different profile. On a six-episode series, it’s as if we had actually made six documentaries, so there weren’t too many three of us, and we each brought a little bit of our expertise.

Anthony Igoulen: We all found ourselves on the story we wanted to tell, we all went in the same direction on what is great: this story of friendship, this story of evolution over 30 years, this story of France, this sociological story , this history of music… We all wanted to make the same film!

Discover now the documentary series Soprano, to life, to death on Disney+.

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