Sophie Cross on France 3: what is the detective series with Alexia Barlier and Thomas …

This Tuesday, November 9 at 9:05 p.m., France 3 inaugurates a new detective series composed of three one-and-a-half-hour units. The pitch: a lawyer wounded by the disappearance of her son is reconverted into the police to find her trace.

Sophie cross on france 3: what is the detective series with alexia barlier and thomas...

What is it about ?

Sophie Cross, brilliant lawyer, and Arthur Leclercq, her 5-year-old son, are enjoying a beautiful summer day in the dunes of the North Sea. A few seconds of Sophie’s absence are enough for her son to disappear. The nightmare then begins for her and her husband Thomas, yet a police commissioner, but helpless in the face of this tragedy and devastated at not being able to find their son. Days then weeks go by, but the investigation is stalled. Doubts and suspicions arise: has Arthur really been kidnapped?

Three years later, Sophie and Thomas, devastated, still try to get back into motion. While he is convinced that they will never see their sons again; She refuses to lose hope and decides to join the police in order to find Arthur’s trail. It is in the criminal unit led by her husband Thomas that she will have to find a place among the members of the team more or less happy to welcome this new recruit.

Sophie Cross, created by Paul Piedfort

Tuesdays 9, 16 and 23 November on France 3

Who is it with?

After The Art of Crime and The Last Wave, Alexia Barlier plays the main role of the series and gives the reply To Thomas Jouannet (Sam) in the guise of her husband Arthur. Cyril Lecomte (Le Temps est assassin) plays Captain Gabriel Deville, Arthur’s best friend responsible for supervising his wife, while Fred and Amina, the two lieutenants of the police station, are played by Mariama Gueye (Gloria) and Oussama Kheddam ( Hippocrates).

Well worth a look ?

Latest proposal from France Télévisions to renew the faces of the police series of the public service, Sophie cross joined the fiction box of Tuesday evening on France 3, on which we find in particular the motnagnard cop Alex Hugo since the start of the school year.

Co-produced with RTBF and the German company ARD Degeto, this mini-series divided into three 90-minute units has a no-frills production. With an investigation completed in each episode, where many guests parade that fans of the soap opera Un Si Grand Soleil will recognize (we meet Fred Bianconi, Naïma Rodric or even Frederic Van Den Driessche), its share of twists and turns and plot twists unexpected, the series can be watched without displeasure, but without revolutionizing the genre for all that.

However, the completed investigations take up so much space in each episode that we forget the common thread: the unexplained disappearance of Arthur and Sophie’s son, illustrated in the opening of the first episode, and the desperate quest for the latter. to find him … to the point of abandoning her career as a lawyer to become a simple police lieutenant.

Sophie cross on france 3: what is the detective series with alexia barlier and thomas...

A rather capillotracted pretext to make Sophie Cross a cop with unstoppable flair, helped by her legal point of view on investigations and her great sense of empathy with the victims.

In terms of a police figure driven by a strong concept, we are a long way from the housekeeper with extraordinary abilities camped by Audrey Fleurot in HPI, the sympathetic hypochondriac commissioner embodied by Gil Alma in César Wagner or even the irresistible chatter of Claudia Tagbdo. in The Crime suits him so well. Alexia Barnier’s performance lacks intensity, and the duo of young recruits carried by Oussama Kheddam and Mariama Gueye regularly steals the show.

If we hold on despite everything until the end of the 1h30 of viewing driven by curiosity, we remain on our hunger when the initial quest of the heroine on her missing child, which alone would have deserved a serial investigation rather than be put in the background.

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