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Typically, we can only think about upgrading our home entertainment system as limited to things like getting an 8K TV instead of the 4K one we already have. Or, perhaps, something as simple as getting the latest soundbar. What you’re missing is the receiver, a central hub that acts as the “brain” for communication between the screen and the speakers. These allow for more advanced surround sound setups, giving you a more immersive experience. For beginners, getting this type of setup can be extremely confusing, let alone expensive. Moreover, figuring out how to buy an AV receiver is not so easy. It follows that we’re excited about this deal on the Sony STRDH590, a 725W 5.2-channel 4K receiver. Typically, it would cost $350. However, it is now discounted by $100 and has been brought down to $250.

Why should you buy the Sony STRDH590?

We awarded the Sony STRDH590 a spot among the best AV receivers due to its ability to please price-conscious customers without removing the receiver’s most important features. It supports all the major audio and video formats, with surround sound decoders that handle everything from Dolby TrueHD to Dolby Pro Logic II. Although it lacks internet connectivity, it is easy to sync with Bluetooth, making the process of getting music on your receiver a non-challenging one.

The Sony STRDH590 has 5 channels and uses different surround sound modes (for example, ‘Stadium’ and ‘Sports’) to make its output ideal for different genres. The receiver’s connections include 4 stereo RCA inputs, one optical digital audio input, one coaxial audio input, 4 HDMI ins, and 1 HDMI out. There’s also a headphone jack, so you have high-quality headphones to connect to.

If the Sony STRDH590 sounds like the best way for you to set up your home for entertainment, then go ahead and tap the button below. This will take you to Best Buy where you can get the receiver for only $250. Again, that’s $100 less than the usual $350. This is one of the most affordable entry-level receivers out there and it can get even cheaper for you if you grab it while this great deal lasts.

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