Sony launches two new colors for PS5 DualSense controllers

Sony launches two new colors for PS5 DualSense controllers

Sony’s popular PlayStation DualSense wireless controller is getting an update next month — launching in two new colors, Midnight Black and Cosmic Red. The colors are now available for pre-order at retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Gamestop and Target. Shipping dates range by retailer, according to PlayStation’s blog.

This is the first release of new colors for the controller, PlayStation said. Before this launch, you could only get the controller — which is designed for the bestselling PlayStation 5 console — in white. So far, we’ve seen that GameStop has the earliest expected ship date, June 7, out of all the major retailers. Other stores that offer gaming gear like Amazon and Best Buy are expected to ship the controllers on June 18. Keep in mind that Cosmic Red is slightly pricier than Midnight Black, which is the same price as White.

The new wireless controllers have the same features as the original, which debuted last year alongside the PlayStation 5, the latest generation for the console. The PS5, as it’s commonly called, was a popular pick during the holidays — it sold out when it was released, was restocked in February and is currently out of stock across retailers like Target, Best Buy and Walmart. The controller includes the following notable features:

  • Haptic feedback: This is meant to mimic the feelings “of everything from environments to the recoil of different weapons” through vibrations.
  • Adaptive triggers: Similar to haptic feedback, these triggers are designed to help you experience the force and tension from using your in-game gear — like hitting the brakes in a speeding car.
  • Built-in microphone: You can also connect a headset to the device and broadcast games through a create button.

Like previous controllers in Sony’s line-up, the controller also includes a built-in battery, integrated speaker and motion sensor.

Where to pre-order the new colors of the DualSense Wireless Controller

You can pre-order the new colors of the controller now — they’re both expected to ship sometime in June, depending on the retailer. The two colors were inspired by space, PlayStation says. Each of the shades is two tones: Midnight Black features both black and gray and Cosmic Red includes both black and red in its design.

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