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Several Zoom chat participants called the police (file image)

A 72-year-old man was stabbed to death by his son in New York state during a Zoom video chat with 20 other participants, police said.

Dwight Powers was attacked by his 32-year-old son, Thomas Scully-Powers, who then jumped out of a window and fled to the village of Amityville on Long Island.

He was detained within an hour after the chat guests called the police. The reason for the attack was not yet clear.

Scully-Powers was subsequently charged with second-degree murder.

In a statement, Suffolk County police said further information would be provided once the suspect, who reported minor injuries, was treated and discharged from the hospital.

Police said they were notified of the accident on Thursday afternoon after several participants in the chat noticed the man fall, but took some time to locate the house because the guests didn’t know where Mr. Powers lived.

Some people may have witnessed the attack, reports reported. It was not clear what kind of meeting was held.

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