Some Big-Name Drugs Are Going Generic Soon

Some Big-Name Drugs Are Going Generic Soon

One of the most substantial concerns surrounding medications entails their costs. But it is easy for people to find affordable medications thanks to generics.

Generic drugs feature the same active ingredients as brand name drugs, but they cost substantially less than brand name ones. A generic drug may cost 90 percent less than the original.

These generic drugs are cheaper because the market exclusivity period for those drugs will have expired. The company that originally made the drug will no longer be the only one making the drug. Generic manufacturers that don’t spend lots of money on research, development, testing, and marketing can charge less.

Drugs are going generic soon
Drugs are going generic soon

Drugs like Cialis, Levitra, Restasis, Lyrica, Eliquis, and Vesicare have also gone generic in recent times. Many other drugs will be going generic in the next few years, as this list shows.

Chantix – May 2020

Chantix (varenicline) is a smoking cessation drug. The drug helps a patient ease one’s way to quitting smoking. The drug works more effective than trying to quit at random.

Desonate – August 2020

Desonate (desonide) is an eczema treatment, although it may treat other skin issues. The product is a topical steroid.

Amitiza – January 2021

Amitiza (lubiprostone) works in the treatment of constipation. The product may also work for women when treating irritable bowel syndrome. The product is popular for how it does not produce weight gain in most users.

Atripla – September 2021

Atripla (tenofovir/efavirenz/emtricitabine) is an HIV antiviral medication. The medication prevents HIV from spreading around the body. The drug is critical for preventing HIV from developing to where it becomes AIDS.

Truvada – September 2021

Atripla is not the only HIV medication that will become generic in 2021. Truvada (tenofovir/emtricitabine) will also become a generic drug. The medication is a variation of Atripla that may work in people who might not handle the Atripla medication as well as others.

Vimpat – March 2022

Vimpat (lacosamide) is a drug that treats epilepsy. The drug prevents partial seizures from occurring. The drug has to be administered with care, as it is considered a federally controlled substance. The product may be abused if not handled accordingly.

Zipsor – March 2022

Zipsor (diclofenac) is a drug that treats pain and swelling in patients. The product is available in oral and topical forms. The oral version can treat pain and migraines. The topical version is for actinic keratosis. Zipsor is considered to be an NSAID, but it must still be used responsibly to prevent any interactions or other concerns from developing with use.

Janumet – July 2022

Both the standard and extended-release products of Janumet (sitaliptin) will become generic in 2022. Janumet is for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. The product lowers the body’s blood glucose level by controlling how sensitive the body may be to insulin. By reducing blood glucose levels, it is easier for the body to manage its glucose levels.

Many other drugs will be going generic in the coming years. The list here is only a small sampling. People who use certain drugs should contact their doctors to learn more about what they are taking and if cheaper generics are available.

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