Solar Opposites on Disney +: who is screenwriter Justin Roiland, also co-creator of Rick and Morty?

Solar Opposites on Disney +: who is screenwriter Justin Roiland, also co-creator of Rick and Morty?

Do you know the screenwriter Justin Roiland, the creator of the series “Solar Opposites” available on Disney +, also co-creator of the cult “Rick and Morty”?

Solar Opposites

Solar Opposites

Released on

May 8, 2020



Solar Opposites

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Justin roiland,
Justin roiland,
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Revealed to the general public by the Rick and Morty series he co-created, Justin Roiland is now one of the most well-known names in the adult animation industry. Since 2019, he has also been at the head of Solar Opposites, a parody sitcom featuring a completely barge family of extraterrestrials to be found here on the Disney Plus platform.

Back on the journey of the screenwriter and producer, also a dubbing actor for the needs of his own productions as well as for other animated series!

House of Cosbys

Channel 101

After studying at Modesto College in California, Justin roiland created in 2005 the animated series House of Cosbys which parodies the famous sitcom Cosby Show. The program was however very quickly withdrawn from the air, at the request of the lawyers of comedian Bill Cosby.

Adventure Time

Cartoon Network

In addition to his functions as a screenwriter, Justin roiland is also a voice actor. He notably lent his voice to the Count of Citronella in the Adventure Time series, as well as to various characters in Gravity Falls. He also played Abraham Lincoln in the parody short Tenacious D: Time Fixers.

Rick and morty


Depressed by the failure of several projects, he decides to imagine in 2013 with his long-time friend Dan Harmon, himself at the bottom of the wave after his dismissal from the series Community, a project completely “disgusting” (in their own words) that no one will want. From this idea was born Rick and morty, a crazy parody of Back to the Future which opens the doors to incredible international success.

Rick sanchez


Co-creator of the series, Justin roiland is also the interpreter of the two main characters of Rick and morty ! To better get into Rick’s skin, the latter did not hesitate to record episodes under the influence of drink to reproduce the alcoholic phrasing of the scientist!

Solar Opposites


In 2019, Justin roiland teams up with Mike McMahan (Star Trek Lower Decks), a former screenwriter of Rick and morty, to create Solar Opposites. Airing home on Disney +, the series follows a family of aliens in a parody format of the traditional sitcom. In the original version, Roiland lends his voice to Korvo, the main protagonist of the program!

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