Solar Opposites on Disney + STAR: what is this animated series from the creator of Rick & Morty?

With “Solar Opposites”, “Rick & Morty” co-creator Justin Roiland makes a sensational debut on Disney + and his new STAR universe. Either a lively family story, and completely crossed out.


After having fled their home planet pulverized following a collision with an asteroid, 4 aliens find refuge in a residential area in deep America.

“Solar Opposites”, created by Justin Roiland & Mike McMahan – Available on Star from February 23 – Episodes seen: 5 of 8


After four seasons of Rick & Morty, it seemed obvious that Justin Roiland couldn’t get crazier. But he takes up the challenge with Solar Opposites, his new baby conceived with Mike McMahan, who turns out to be at least as crazy as the previous one, while being more down to earth. If we want. Because it is no longer a question of humans who travel to the borders of the galaxy and parallel worlds, but of extraterrestrials who have taken up residence on the blue planet after the destruction of theirs, and try to adapt to local life, for want of being able to start again. It is as if Superman had arrived from Krypton with his family, much more dysfunctional than focused on truth and justice.

“They’re like us. Sort of.”, tells us the trailer for season 1, which consists of eight episodes. And for good reason: the characters have kept their extraterrestrial appearance, their pet belongs to a race that is very difficult to determine and their attempts at integration do not always match their customs. Which sometimes creates disasters, to say the least strange. “This town has something with inexplicable supernatural wounds”, notes a police officer after yet another violent death. Solar Opposites is indeed intended for an informed public, which must expect a very dark death, and particularly gory scenes. But nonetheless funny.

Solar opposites on disney + star: what is this animated series from the creator of rick & morty?


A family (almost) like any other

Between the graphics, humor and the many references to pop culture, in addition to his voice that he lends to the character of Korvo in the original version, it is not difficult to recognize the paw of Justin Roiland here. But if the whole could present itself as a spin-off of Rick & Morty, it is not an ersatz. The overwhelming majority of the narrative takes place on Earth and the series is more akin to the Simpsons and the mainstream sitcom, revisiting the classic pattern of newcomers having to adapt to an environment, be it the neighborhood or high school for children (in James Earl Jones High School, in homage to the voice of Darth Vader).

Those who had been able to reproach Rick & Morty for going a little in all directions and opening tracks that the series ultimately did not follow (or not immediately) will feel less lost in front of Solar Opposites, which seems more framed. But no less wacky and, at times, disturbing, with its tale that focuses on three story arcs: the misadventures of Korvo’s family, their pet Pupa who lives his life and has crazy things that happen to him, and all that. which concerns the “Wall”. At first glance, these are the boxes in which Yumyulack, the son of the family, stores the human adults he has miniaturized. But we realize, in episode 2, that a post-apocalyptic society has developed there and that an intrigue is brewing. And that’s one of the geniuses of this lively jewel that you could quickly become addicted to. In which case, you’ll be happy to hear that seasons 2 and 3 have already been ordered.

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