Snow White: 7 short actors prevented from working for Disney? – Cinema news

Did Peter Dinklage Harm Short Actors After His Snow White Comments? Several actors, including Dylan Postl, responded to the one who played Tyrion in Game of Thrones.

Snow white: 7 short actors prevented from working for disney? - cinema news

A few days ago, Peter Dinklage, known for his role as Tyron in Game of Thrones, violently criticized the future live-action film Snow White, in preparation at Disney. At the microphone of Marc Maron’s “WTF” podcast, the actor pointed out the “hypocrisy” of the studio:

“Without wanting to offend anyone, I was a little surprised when they announced that they were giving the role of Snow White to a Latina actress while at the same time they are trying to tell the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Take a step back and look what you’re doing here! That makes no sense to me.”, he lamented.

Very angry, the actor did not stop at this statement: “They’re progressive in a way but they keep doing this fucking backward story where seven dwarves live together in a cave. What are you doing? Haven’t I done anything to make advance the cause? I guess I’m not important enough. The actress and the team have my respect, but personally it shocks me”, he lambasted.

These words reached the ears of the firm with big ears, who heard the anger of the small actor:

“To avoid reinforcing stereotypes of the original animated film, we’re taking a different approach with these seven characters and consulting with members of the dwarfism community. We look forward to telling you more when the film goes into production after a long period of development”, said the spokesperson for the Disney studio.


After this controversy launched by Peter Dinklage, the production would therefore have decided to replace the 7 dwarfs with “magical creatures” not yet revealed. This bias has caused a lot of ink to flow and is causing a real controversy.

Dylan Postl, a comedian with dwarfism, virulently attacked Peter Dinklage, who allegedly helped put seven small actors out of work because of his statements. According to Postl, the one who will soon be Cyrano in the cinema does a disservice to the community. On the contrary, he would do her a disservice by not giving them the opportunity to work for Disney.

In reality, this will deprive people of our community of jobs, rare jobs.

“In reality, this will deprive people of our community of jobs, rare jobs”, deplores Dylan Postl for the Daily Mail. “I can understand that our society is driven by a desire for progress, by an awareness, and I do not question that. But here, we are talking about a fairy tale… a fairy tale about Blanche -Snow and on the seven dwarfs.”, he recalls.

“The seven dwarfs are one of the major stakes in the film, since they are mentioned in the title. You know, since I was a kid, I always dreamed of becoming a professional wrestler in the WWE [world wrestling entertainment]. When I was 19, WWE was looking for a leprechaun to be the star of the moment, and my height was no longer an issue.” explains Dylan Postl.

“Except that at 19, I could never have landed this role of “superstar” alongside their wrestlers. I am not 1m80 tall and I am far from exceeding 100 kilos”, continues the actor. “There, this role of Hornswoggle was really made for me. For almost 10 years, I lived my childhood dream in the Leprechaun costume for WWE.”


“Now, if it’s the dream of a small person to become an actor and that a Disney film dedicates a role to him just for him… why destroy this dream by eliminating a job, or rather the job of seven short people?”, asks the actor.

Peter Dinklage is not helping us.

“Because you feel like we’re making progress here? It’s so stupid and just plain nonsense! It hurts our community more than it helps. And by equating short people with ‘locals caves” or “Neanderthals”, Peter Dinklage does not help us”, criticizes Dylan Postl.

“Just imagine, the dwarfs in Snow White live in lovely little houses, they’re surrounded by jewels, so they were rich. Plus, they’re working class. So it’s ridiculous. Dinklage did his research poorly, or he may have meant to be ironic. Either way, in that case, better refrain from commenting.”, he says.

“When he showed up as a short person in the cast of Games of Thrones, he had no problem with that. And now he wants to be progressive? It’s a shame because we’re talking about the remake of the one of the most impactful fairy tales in history and one of the most famous Disney films, and that would be exceptional”, concludes the actor, seen in particular at the cinema in Leprechaun Origins in 2014.

Other short artists have endorsed Dylan Postl’s comments to the Daily Mail, including Katrina Kemp and Jeff Brooks. “Dwarf is a medical term. The condition I suffer from is achondroplasia dwarfism. It’s a fact. I’m a dwarf”, said Brooks.

Peter Dinklage risks ruining the chances of some actors with dwarfism.

“I hope Disney casts dwarfs and gives them work. Peter Dinklage may ruin the chances of some actors with dwarfism. And it scares me that Disney would make such a big decision on comment alone. of an actor. They were too quick to decide”, said Brooks.

“It’s a missed opportunity to make a film with seven little people who will have a real role to play. There are people who will play these roles willingly. Are these people who are aiming for a SAG Award? No .Peter Dinklage has the privilege of being able to turn down roles. Not everyone in our community does.”, asserts Katrina Kemp.

Snow White, directed by Marc Webb, will be worn by Rachel Zegler, who will play the princess. She will face Gal Gadot as the Evil Queen. The release is scheduled for 2023. As for Peter Dinklage, we will find him on March 30 at the cinema in Cyrano.

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