Sneakerella on Disney +: everything you need to know about this modern re-reading of…

This Friday, May 13, Disney + takes its subscribers to the streets of the Big Apple with the new original film Sneakerella, a musical and contemporary retelling of the story of Cinderella with a welcome touch of originality. Focus!


Sneakerella, which takes place in the small world of New York streetwear, tells the adventures of El, a talented young designer. The teenager, a storekeeper in the shoe shop that once belonged to his deceased mother, is careful to hide his talent from his overwhelmed stepfather and his two horrible stepbrothers who take malicious pleasure in preventing him from getting lost. flourish.

When he meets Kira King, the fiercely independent daughter of Darius King – basketball legend and king of athletic shoes – the tide immediately strikes. Encouraged by his best friend, and with a little help from his godfather, El decides to realize his dream, that of becoming a recognized stylist in the very closed world of sneakers!


The story of Cinderella has not finished inspiring cinema… After the success of the animated classic released in 1950, the revisited version with whitney houston and Whoopi Goldberg in 1997 or the live action of Kenneth Branagh in 2015, this story continues to inspire dreams in cottages today.

On Disney+director Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum offers a modern and energetic reinterpretation of Charles Perrault’s tale with the musical Sneakerella, which features young talents Chosen Jacobs (That and It: Chapter 2) and Lexi Underwood (Little Fires Everywhere).

In this new adaptation, the story takes place in modern-day New York: a creative young teenager with a passion for sneakers slips into Cinderella’s shoes. “The whole story is centered around a shoe, so it was only fitting to make it a contemporary sneaker, because that’s what we all wear today. […] Everyone finds a way to express themselves creatively through their sneakers, and this was a perfect way to complement this new, updated version,” explains Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum.

Replace household chores with a job as a storekeeper for a demanding father-in-law, the fairytale castle with a New York tower, the ball with an event, and the prince with an independent princess, and you have Sneakerella!

Sneakerella on disney +: everything you need to know about this modern re-reading of...
Disney/Brendan Adam-Zwelling

“I think that [ce film] is really unique because it’s set in the pop/hip-hop scene and there’s a little something for everyone, but basically it’s all about joy and love,” adds the director. “What attracted me to the script is that there are a lot of different reading levels, it’s not just a love story between El and Kira, but also a learning journey to love yourself and where you come from. I feel like this is a universal lesson and we all need a reminder from time to time, you have to love yourself first before you can truly love someone else the way they are. must,” says Chosen Jacobs, who plays the lead role.


From the first minutes, the film opens with a dizzying musical number through the streets of the Big Apple in which the young El expresses his passion for sneakers. The original song Kicks interpreted by Chosen Jacobs is also the favorite song of his co-star John Salleya former NBA pro basketball player who plays shoe king Darius King on screen.

Sneakerella on disney +: everything you need to know about this modern re-reading of...
Disney/Brendan Adam-Zwelling

Mixing pop and hip-hop influences, Sneakerella also brings the flagship title up to date A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes animated movie Cinderella (entitled tender dream in the French version). Sung in duet by Chosen Jacobs and Lexi Underwood, it will not fail to revive the nostalgia of the oldest!

For the interpreter of Kira King, Sneakerella is also an opportunity to play a princess in her image, of those she would have liked to see on screen as a child. “The thing that really stuck with me was the fact that in this magical world of Disney, to begin with, there were often a lot of princesses who didn’t look like me and who I couldn’t identify with. . But also, the simple fact that growing up as young girls, we’re taught that to feel like princesses or bosses, we need validation from a man. So it was important to me, I wanted to be part of this project, because there was a major lack of stories like this when I was growing up,” points out Lexi Underwood.

Discover the original Sneakerella movie now, exclusively on Disney+.

Sneakerella on disney +: everything you need to know about this modern re-reading of...
Disney/Brendan Adam-Zwelling

Comments collected by Solène Boutillier during the press conference of May 5, 2022.

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