Snake Eyes trailer: deluge of action in the GI Joe spin-off

Discover the spectacular first images of Snake Eyes, blockbuster expected on August 18 in theaters.

Snake Eyes, the GI Joe spin-off featuring the dreaded silent ninja dressed in black, will finally hit theaters on August 18th.

Scheduled for October 2020, the film was initially postponed by one year due to the health crisis. Finally, Paramount reversed its decision, preferring to launch its blockbuster this summer.

The feature film is therefore a spin-off of the GI Joe film series, The Awakening of the Cobra and Conspiracy. In these works, the ninja was embodied by Ray Park (Darth Maul in The Phantom Menace). In Snake Eyes, which will tell the origins of the character, he is replaced by Henry Golding. Robert Schwentke, German filmmaker to whom we owe Red or Divergente 2 and 3, is the director.

A first trailer for the film has been unveiled, confirming that the plot will indeed be an origin story of the hero. From the first seconds of this trailer, the tone is set!


On a highway reminiscent of the cult scene from Matrix Reloaded, ninjas compete in katana, perched on a truck carrying cars.

“In every warrior there is a beginning”, then chants a voice-over, before introducing us to Henry Golding, alias Snake Eyes, about to offer his combat skills to an organization led by Storm Shadow, camped by Andrew Koji.

We will find out how the two men became sworn enemies. Alongside Henry Golding is La Casa de Papel star Ursula Corbero. The latter plays La Baronne alias Anastasia Cisarovna.

Samara Weaving (Scarlett), Iko Uwais (Hard Master) and Peter Mensah (Blind Master) complete the cast of this super-production expected on August 18, 2021.

Be careful not to confuse this film with two other feature films of the same name: Snake Eyes by Brian De Palma and Snake Eyes by Abel Ferrara!

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