Snake Eyes: release postponed for GI Joe’s spin-off

Snake eyes: release postponed for gi joe's spin-off

Snake Eyes, which was scheduled to hit theaters on August 18, has been postponed to a later date by Paramount. A new date should be communicated shortly.

You’ll have to be patient before seeing Snake Eyes, the GI Joe spin-off featuring the dreaded silent ninja dressed in black.

The blockbuster, which was due to land in theaters on August 18, has just been officially postponed by Paramount Pictures France. The distributor has not yet communicated a new release date. The film had already been postponed for a year because of the health crisis. Initially, it was due out on October 23, 2020.

This delay is added to the list of films postponed following government announcements concerning the introduction of the health pass in cinemas.

What have we all done to the Good Lord, Eiffel, Candyman, Aya and the Witch or Rifkin’s Festival by Woody Allen are therefore joined by Snake Eyes in this wave of postponements.

As a reminder, this feature film is a spin-off of the GI Joe film series, The Awakening of the Cobra and Conspiracy. In these works, the ninja was embodied by Ray Park (Darth Maul in The Phantom Menace).

Cinema releases, all films postponed: Eiffel, Le Bon Dieu 3, Aya et la Sorcière …

In this new story that will tell the origins of the character, he is replaced by Henry Golding. Robert Schwentke, German filmmaker to whom we owe Red or Divergente 2 and 3, is the director.

The plot will therefore follow Snake Eyes, a courageous and lonely man. He was welcomed into the very old Japanese Arashikage clan, after having saved the life of their heir. The clan makes him a great warrior, while giving him what he has long dreamed of: a home.

But some secrets of his past resurface and Snake Eyes, if he wants to keep the trust of those who are now his loved ones, will have to test his honor and loyalty to the clan.

Note that the feature film does not find its audience in the USA, collecting only $ 26 million in revenue in 3 weeks of operation (for a budget of 88 million).


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